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Wives of Dealer Principals To Open ‘Carmazon’ Dealership

February 10, 2017 0 Comments

Today’s story is that of a dealership which was closed down amidst allegations of misconduct. However, another dealership has been opened at the same location, run this time by the wives of the previous owners.

According to an Action9 news report, the wives of two men who are “banned from the car business in North Carolina” are opening a dealership. As the story goes, in December of 2016, the DMV in North Carolina banned Samuel Ketner and Nathaniel Brown from selling vehicles in that state. The dealership the men operated, AutoHouse in Salisbury was closed down, after admitting to misleading 35 customers about (among other things), vehicle badging.

However a new store is rising in its place called, “Carmazon.” The new dealership is on the same property where AutoHouse was located and is run by Whitney Ketner and Ali Brown, wives to Mr. Ketner and Brown. The women now have dealership licenses and will soon open the new store. The women filed paperwork with the local county last month requesting use of the business name “Carmazon,” and are leasing the property from their husbands’ investment company. In an email to Action9 the Whitney Ketner, newly minted dealer principal of “Carmazon” said in part,”Ali and I have our own vision and have assembled our own management team to operate a leading edge car dealership in Salisbury at which we believe local consumers will have an excellent car buying experience.”

According to the Action9 report, as long as neither Mr. Brown nor Ketner take part in “day-to-day” operations of the store, this action is reportedly entirely legal. During your tenure in retail automotive, have you heard of a situation arising similar to this one?

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