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Worlds First Digital License Plate

June 14, 2018 0 Comments

As cars have advanced in nearly every way one aspect of them has always stayed the same. I’m talking about the license plate.
But now, one company is working to change the license plate from metal to digital.

It is called the “r-plate” and it’s made by a company called Reviver Auto. According the CEO Neville Boston, Rplate was originally designed to make the car registration process more simple, “it was a real problem that was is in need of a solution and I think that we found a way to be able to simplify it.”

In working with State Governments, Boston decided there was a lot more application to r-plate than just registration, “There were also the things that the state needed to have done like why not have 10 specialty plates instead of one.”

Now one minute you can have a Breast Cancer Awareness plate, and the next an alumni plate from your alma-matter.

Currently the Rplate is being used in California and Arizona. Dealerships in the Sunshine State just started selling on the first of June. And Boston said there are a few ways dealers can use the product, “dealerships will use the product in two ways they’ll use it for their loaner and parts vehicles, and they’ll also use through through their F&I process, the finance and insurance.”

Dealerships enjoy having this product in their inventory because it’s new tech, and it’s one more thing customers can look at buying, “It’s another product they can offer their customers that they couldn’t before. It simplifies how you do registration it also gives customers a way they can interact with their plates.”

The Rplate also tracks vehicles, so if any inventory vehicles are stolen, the plate can display a “stolen vehicle” message.

Currently only in two states Today, Boston says it’s likely the plate will be in three more states by the end of the year and nationwide by 2020, “All of these states are forward thinking and they’re looking at smarter ways of doing what they had been been doing before and now they have a willing partner to work with them.”

Rplate has potential to be world wide in the next few weeks as Dubai has also shown interest in the product.

Despite the success of the product, Boston says he’s most proud of the work and relationships he’s created with local governments, “we’ve developed a true private public partnership. With the DMV with law enforcement with DOT and with state legislatures to be able to bring this to life.”

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