Keynote Speakers

How We Increased our PVR and Net Profitability with Single Point of Contact

Geno Walsh, Qvale

Qvale Automotive has 13 dealerships from Florida to California, and we’ve transitioned 3 to a single point of contact model. Brand specialists take customers through the process from A to Z.

Our objective is to create an experience that is the same in store as it is online. Customers go through the same process. The results? Increase PVR, higher product penetration in F&I, and a reduction in employee turnover. The efficiencies gained from the single point of contact have resulted in an increased net profitability.

In my presentation, I’ll show you the strategy behind our single point of contact and walk you through the steps we took to ensure that we were able to deliver on our vision of a seamless experience.

How to Harness Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand Awareness

Quincy Armstrong, Rusnak Auto Group

As a luxury auto group, we face challenges and opportunities unique to our brands. Regardless of our brand and size, however, we are all striving to be more efficient with our marketing spends.

Let’s face it. There is no amount of money in the world to do what you'd like on Google paid search. It is tempting to want to be aggressive and chase conversions, but this can be expensive and lead to diminishing returns. The same is true for many marketing channels. How can we be more efficient with our marketing budget and build brand awareness?

At Rusnak Auto Group, we have a fully integrated plan around influencer marketing. We create experiences, and influencers can take those to another level. These influencers are people that are going to be our customers in a few years, and it’s perfect for our luxury brands. We are able to create a lot of awareness and interest in our dealer group by harnessing the power of influencers.

Influencer marketing isn’t just for luxury brands. I'll show you how you can recruit influencers for your dealership and how you can manage this efficient marketing channel to grow awareness for your brands.

How a Human Capital Strategy Transformed My Dealership

Peter Cooper, Lexus of Lehigh Valley

Disruption usually doesn’t occur from within. But money is made where you can be innovative and creative. I came to the conclusion that the consumer and my dealership were in a very different place. Our processes were in conflict with customer experience. Furthermore, there is $8 billion in market cap trying to disrupt the retailing side of the automotive industry.

We decided that the smartest thing to do was to work on the human capital strategy. We also had to define our brand. Once we figured that out the human capital piece was much easier to put in. The pressure on having superstars disappears.

In my presentation I’ll define our human capital strategy. I will also walk you through the process I used to create sales and service efficiencies and innovate on the customer experience.

Working Sessions

Track: Human Capital Management for the Future of Automotive Retail:

Keys to Reducing Turnover and Enhancing Dealership Value

Roger Love, Roger Love Speaks

Sales retention has been a constant black-eye in the car business and huge loss for the dealerships Variable Operations. How can you develop and retain your sales floor? Reduce your turnover by learning effective ways that sales managers can become stronger mentors and coaches. Enhance the value of your dealership by learning how to manage your sales CRM properly and use data to develop stronger sales people.

Give Your Dealership a Training Makeover to Improve Sales and Increase Retention

Sara Shabana, BDC Builder

Human Capital is one of the most valuable assets. How we can help sharpen their skills,? We can remove the obstacles out of their way and give them the right tools to be successful, increase sales, customer satisfaction, retention, and the bottom line. Keep your momentum going with a 2020 process makeover. Learn how to implement the most critical business results training

Career Pathing to Drive Higher Performance

Jason Volny, DrivingSales

Traditional automotive professional development practices hold us back from achieving our goals. Not only do our sales suffer, but our employee engagement is at an all-time low. Like always, the solution is simple. Give the people what they want and in return, they will take care of our guests. In this breakout session, learn how the best dealerships use career pathing to grow their leadership bench and achieve their sales goals. Motivate the younger workforce with more than just money. Learn the best practices of building career paths for all job roles within the dealership by understanding how career levels can simplify your employee development.

Track: Improving Efficiency for Omnichannel Fixed Ops

The Future of Dealership Service: Trends and Perceptions

Mike Trasatti, DealerBuilt

Today, consumers are holding onto their vehicles longer than any other time in history. Discover what new revenue opportunities have been uncovered by leading dealerships as a result of this trend and how you can connect with modern consumers. Customers expect an exceptional experience that is fast, personal, and consistent in fixed operations. Learn how this can translate to new revenue.

Boost EBIDTA Without Increasing Sales and Reducing Headcount

Kevin Flounders, SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

Overhead costs (telecom, waste, bank fees, maintenance contracts) are unavoidable, but dealerships overspend because little attention is paid to these areas. In this presentation, you will learn to make your company more valuable, free up space in your budget for capital projects, and bridge your budget gap. I'll show you tips and tricks to reduce expenses without changing vendors or service levels.

Aggressive Discipline is Key to Efficient Fixed ops Omnichannel Marketing

Kelley Krause, Solera, Autopoint

Discover how to maintain a single view of the customer across channels and media partners by using AI for omni-channel budget optimization. Uncover what AI and why it is important to your fixed ops omnichannel marketing. You'll be able to measure more than clicks, impressions, and hot leads and drive customers to your service department

Track:  Optimizing Digital Retailing with Online Trades

The False Promise of Ecommerce

Mike Cavanaugh, MAXDigital

From first BDC touch to purchase we'll share lessons from thousands of interviews on the ideal mix of bricks and clicks. Learn how evolving your process will help stickiness with your customers and staff. Learn what happen when you remove the pricing uncertainty with online trades and the value of building a shared experience with a customer.

How Removing Friction in Online Trades Can Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Matt Weinberg, Modal

Over the last decade, Domino’s has consistently outperformed big tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google. How? By putting the customer experience first. Adopt a “zero-click” mentality. Discover ways to remove friction from every stage in the purchase process, from online trade tools that bring customers closer to the purchase, to digital retailing solutions that deliver a true omnichannel experience. From choosing F&I products to estimating a trade value, digital retailing is streamlining the car-buying process. And dealers that are doing it well are growing their market share.

Streamline Your Used Car Acquisition Strategy with Digital Retailing

Michelle Denogean, Roadster

With the demand for used cars continuing to grow, vehicle acquisition has become a top priority for most dealerships. Outside of wholesalers and auctions, where is a dealer to turn in order to meet this demand? Trade-ins make up over 65% of the dealer business today, but do you have the right tools online and in-store to attract even more? And if so, how can you make your trade process more efficient to handle the growth?

Track: Advanced Brand Strategy

How Deploying a True Retail Brand Strategy Can Make a Meaningful Impact on Your Sales, Company Culture, and Bottom Line

Paul Daly, Congruent

In this presentation, I'll show you a clear understanding of a brand-first execution. You will see an example of a current, holistic brand-first execution over the course of 2019. I will give you tangible first steps and best practices you can take to execute on today. 

An Integrated Approach to Innovative Brand Strategy

David Regn, Stream Companies

A strong brand strategy requires tangible USP, holisitic view, and a great understanding of the numerous tactics available. Learn how to create a tangible consumer-friendly USP that converts, and understand the new tactics and marketing channels available to spread your brand. You will learn what is and is not working in retail today, and, how you can create and effectively deploy a solid brand strategy in 2020.

How to Promote a Dealership's Digital Retailing Brand Promise

Kurt Kennedy, Spectrum Reach Automotive

The Auto Industry will dedicate over 40% of their media spend in 2020 to some form of video advertising. Successful online brands focus mainly on TV Advertising to grow their business. Carvana, in fact, has dedicated over 90% of its media spend for the last 5 years to TV. Learn how, by combining multiple forms of video advertising, you can make an ad campaign more impactful and more effective.

Track: Capitalizing on Online Financing

How Combining Fintech and Data Helps Digital Retailing Deliver Faster

Pete MacInnis, eLEND

Is Digital Retailing Promising More Than It Delivers? Understand the limitations of your current digital retailing solutions and the unintended consequences of establishing inaccurate and misleading payment expectations. Learn how starting sales and finance at the same time can have significant positive impacts on profitability and customer satisfaction. Hear new research based on feedback from 200 auto dealers on how DR can increase profitability and sales if people and processes are aligned

How to Promote a Dealership's Digital Retailing Brand Promise

Mike Burgiss, DealerPolicy

What do your customers really want? 83% are looking to get auto insurance while they're at the dealership purchasing their car. How to generate new income through an auto insurance program. Learn how to earn recurring income, increase customer budgets, and sell more F&I. How to set your brand apart from others in the market. A digital auto insurance program can help you differentiate your brand by offering a seamless, all-inclusive buying experience that competitors don't have.

Track: Dominate Your Marketing in 2020

Leverage Google Analytics Data to Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Colleen Harris & Alan Krutsch, CDK Global

Google Analytics has become an analytics tool in automotive that everyone talks about. Ask most dealers and groups and they will say of course they have Google Analytics installed on their website. Follow up with “What do you do with that data?” and you get silence. It’s time for dealers to take ownership of their website data.  Learn how to leverage Google Analytics by connecting it to the search console and how having it installed on your site is not enough.

Take a Deep Dive into Social Media to Enhance Your Digital Retailing Strategy

Gail Rubenstein, DealerPolicy

Discover how to dominate and generate a ton of leads and sales using Facebook and Instagram. I'll show you how to set up your lead generation campaign messaging to align with your Digital Retail Strategy. You will also learn how to align your Sales Staff on Social Media to accomodate a Digital Retail Experience

Advanced Implementation of Google Ads in 2020 & Beyond

Alex Melen & Chris Anderson, SmartSites

This session is meant to show dealership the advanced functionality of Google Ads - some that has recently been released, some that hasn't been released yet. I will be sharing a lot of confidential information from Google (that isn't meant to be released until Q2-Q3).  Learn all about advanced tracking, advanced implementations, and Google's upcoming changes and features for Q3-Q4 2020

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