Working Sessions

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Drive the Conversation Forward

The Working Sessions at DrivingSales Presidents Club are a 20 Group-style moderated discussion around key topics that will impact dealerships today and in the future. This unique format creates an environment where assumptions can be challenged and executives work through key strategies.

These sessions include panelists made up of industry thought leaders in a stimulating forum where dealership executives can interact and solve problems, wrestle with opportunities, and develop plans to improve their capital, brand and people.

Hints for a Winning Application

Applications that have been selected previously have varied significantly, but generally have these components:

  • Verifiable research that provides insight on the topic.
  • Information that cultivate conversation from the group.
  • Proof points of how the information has been applied in real-world operations.
  • The presentation should be done by an articulate individual who can express ideas and lead discussions.

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