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Ron Henson is the Director of Dealer Services for DrivingSales and DrivingSales University.

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Director of Dealer Services

  • A.S., LDS Business College 1993
  • B.A. Technical Sales, Weber State University 1997
  • NADA Academy, General Dealership Management 2003
Work History
  • Prior to joining the DrivingSales team, I spent over 20 years in the retail side of the industry, most recently as the General Manager of a very successful Honda dealership.
  • "Ron is an accomplished dealership operations expert and trainer and has a passion for the car business that he willingly shares by speaking at many industry events, conferences, and 20 groups in the United States and Canada.
  • Ron is an avid sports enthusiast and spends much of his free time watching his kids play football and soccer. He lives in Bountiful, Utah with his wife of 23 years and three children."

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General Mgt, Internet/BDC, Miscellaneous Industry

Career Goals

Helping DrivingSales to become the #1 Dealer Advocate in the industry!


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  • Paul Herr
    Posted Nov 18, 2014

    I enjoyed your blog on employee satisfaction surveys. Like you said, it takes intestinal fortitude to administer an employee survey because we don't know what it will uncover, or how it will reflect on our leadership skills. Jim Collins, in Good to Great, said that Level-5 leaders (best leaders) are fearless. They turn over stones and confront the squiggly things underneath. If we wish to call ourselves leaders, we need to take a deep breath and confront the squiggly things too.

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  • Lindsey Auguste
    Posted Apr 10, 2013

    You are so cool!

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