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After owning four of my own businesses over 20 years, I'm sure that working with others you choose to trumps working for others. Die-hard about building better businesses, providing competitive advantages and listening to what people want. Focused on taki

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Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services

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  • (Sales/Management) 2000-2002, eVox Productions 2002-2004, 2004-2006, izmoCars 2006-2007, IM@CS 2007-present

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Marketing, General Mgt, Internet/BDC, Miscellaneous Industry, New Car, Used Car

Career Goals

Assisting only the businesses that want to with unrivaled advantages, comprehensive understanding and ongoing, increasing results.

Career Highlights

Top sales unit average over 2+ year period, highest CSI over 2-year period, overachieved sales figures at and eVox Productions, Launched IM@CS as one of the first non-commissioned/reselling consultants working with dealers and OEMs, attendee and speaker at each DSES since inception, more....


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