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From a dealer guy to the vendor field and back into the dealer trenches.

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eCommerce Director


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Marketing, Internet/BDC, Miscellaneous Industry, New Car, Used Car

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2009 - Cover Story Digital Dealer Magazine - SONS Automotive Group


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  • VJ VJ
    Posted May 19th

    Another chapter of ‪automotive‬ vendor idiocy. After establishing a new RepMan process with a vendor 3 years on board with us, and who had done nothing so far prior for us, the ship was sailing smooth and successful into the sunset. Now I get the message of theirs, that our Rep. is back after a leave and the current respond time to handle reviews will go from approx. 24hrs (max) to "responding within a week". So, you have one more man on board but you take now longer to get things done?

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