We promise to provide a completely neutral platform for Dealers to anonymously rate and review their Vendors. We promise to verify that every single rating is accurate, trustworthy and from an actual dealership employee (we don't like cheaters). We promise to present this unbiased data to the entire industry via our website,, and our quarterly publication, the Dealership Innovation Guide.

Why We Promise

We believe in transparency that will help move our industry forward to the benefit of Dealers and Vendors alike. The reason we make our Vendor Rating promise is two-fold: First, so that dealers can make informed decisions based on real, honest info from their peers. Second, so that vendors can be aware of the product and service areas that are succeeding along with the areas that need improvement in order to meet the needs of progressive dealers today.


Jared Hamilton
(and the DrivingSales Team)

About Vendor Ratings

The DrivingSales Vendor Rating site is the first formal mechanism for dealers to rate and review their vendors in a comprehensive, real time vendor directory. It empowers dealers by allowing them to learn about all the solutions available and to view actual customer feedback, both good and bad, about how each solution actually performs. The DrivingSales Vendor Rating system is like a real time Consumer Reports* protecting dealers' interests and helping them make more informed investments.

Vendor Ratings Rules & Safe Guards maintains and enforces a strict set of rules to ensure dealerships have accurate, honest and up to the moment information.

Rating Rules

Only dealership employees can leave ratings and reviews. Reviewers are verified to insure they are valid and eligible to leave reviews.

  1. Dealership employees can only rate and review the products they have experience using. The ratings are a chance to hear from actual customers with live experience using the solutions in their stores.

  2. Each reviewer must answer three questions to complete their rating:

    • How many stars does the solution deserve?
    • Would you recommend the solution to a friend?
    • Why would or wouldn't you recommend the solution?

All three components of the review, along with the job title of the reviewer are posted live to for all to reference when selecting new vendors.


  1. protects the anonymity of each dealer employee who leaves a ratings and review. However, DrivingSales requires valid name and contact information for each reviewer so that each reviewer can be validated.

  2. Each review is passed through a variety of technological checkpoints to insure vendors are not gaming the system. Furthermore, DrivingSales staff calls and verifies a large percentage of the reviews.

How Vendors Are Ranked

In each product category the vendor solutions are ranked in real time as each new dealer rating is submitted. The vendor products are ranked based on a weighted Bayesian Algorithm. This is a standard mathematical calculation that looks at the number of stars the reviewer gave as well as the statistically valid sample size needed, relative to the competitive set, to create a ranking based on the statistical accuracy of the results. Sometimes a company with 3 stars will rate above a company with 4 stars if mathematically the first company has a higher probability of success based on the submitted ratings.

We encourage all dealers to rate and review their vendors.

*DrivingSales is not affiliated with Consumer Reports.