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DealerSocket understands dealerships and CRM systems from the ground up. After years of CRM experience, our founders worked in dealerships, without pay, to fully understand the people, processes and dealer desired results ”Our solution was built for dealers. With over 75,000 active users and 90% + customer retention, DealerSocket is the leading management solution for dealerships nationwide and around the world." Benefits of DealerSocket 1. Easy to use for all users and departments 2. Enhances the professionalism of your staff and your customer communications 3. Drives value at every stage of the customer life cycle 4. Increases vehicle and service sales while boosting CSI 5. Creates the ideal customer experience, easily and consistently With DealerSocket you can: Market more effectively Campaign Management Data Mine/Data Cleanse Call Center/BDC Call Tracking/Recording Sell more cars Internet Lead Management Call Tracking Showroom Control and Manageme
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Product Ratings

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1006 All Time Ratings
4.61309 Stars Average
95% Recommended

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