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How To Gain Instant Credibility As An Expert In The Auto Industry

If you want to establish credibility fast in the auto industry, there are few better ways than writing a book.

When you write a book, you effectively have your prospective client’s attention for several hours – giving you the chance to share your business philosophy and outline how you can help them.

When you have great content, you will immediately stand out from the competition – just by having published a book.

Giving out your book to potential customers is just like handing over a 200-page business card. It will really impress them.

Most people never question the authority of a book. If someone writes a book, they are automatically viewed as an authority.

Of course, writing a book may seem like a daunting task. That’s why most people don’t do it.

However, when you break it down into smaller chunks it is much easier. Here are some examples:
o Write a series of articles on your chosen topic that, over time, will build into a book
o Create a series of special reports on various topics that later form the chapters for your book
o Use content you create for blog posts, newsletter articles and articles for external publication

Since you will be creating this type of content anyway, this approach gives you a reason to create the content that will later become your book.

You can certainly write all of your own content for your book, but if you don’t like writing or simply don’t have the time, you can hire someone to write it for you.

You can find these people – called ghostwriters – locally or by searching for them online. One easy way to find several is by using sites such as

Another great strategy for creating content is to follow the formula that created multi-million dollar success for Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen with their “Chicken Soup” series.

They got people from all around the world to submit their own stories. Then they compiled these stories into books, printed them and sold them.

You can do the same thing!

By having multiple people take on the burden of writing chapters of the book, you greatly lessen the burden on yourself.

Once you have created the content, most people think it is difficult and expensive to publish a book or that you have to get a publishing deal. However it is now much easier than ever before.

You can self-publish your book by having it printed by a printing company that specializes in “vanity” books. You can find many such companies online by searching online.

Writing a high-quality book will take work. But it’s not the unattainable and costly project that you may think it is. If you’re looking to get noticed and gain instant credibility in your crowded marketplace, then a book may be the perfect tool to help you dominate your competition.


Tracy Myers is a noted Small Business Marketing & Branding Solutions Specialist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Car Dealership Owner & Entrepreneur.


Tracy Myers
Lindsey, Thanks for the question. The book that was just released, Uncle Frank 'Sez', is a legacy project that I've actually been working on for more than 10 years. However, once it was completed and a publishing company agreed to release it, the time frame was only about 6 months from start to finish. My upcoming book was completed about a year ago and is about branding and marketing. It has been sitting on the shelf of the publisher for that long waiting until a Fall 2011 release so my books arent competing with themselves. Long story short, with a completed manuscript it shouldn't take but a maximum of 6-8 months to get a book released. That includes multiple edits and preparing cover art.
Marc McGurren
Thanks for the words Tracy! Writing as a Community Editor here at DrivingSales has definitely sparked an "inner flame" as I feel like I have a desire to share, help, and actually have something half way interesting to say. I am getting my own personal blog up and will be forcing myself to write, rant, and rave about anything and everything. One day a book will be on my resume....just not yet... Thank you...
Tracy Myers
You are very welcome Marc. Let me know when your book is published.
Jim Bell
@marc. The race is on brother...let's see who gets their book published first. Thanks for the tips Tracy.
Tracy Myers
Jim, No problem my friend. I'll also be waiting to see who's first. If you need assistance, let me know.

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