Executive Summary

Dealer Profile:

  • South Dade Toyota is located near Miami, Florida. They have a small internet department and a BDC.


  • They lacked a process for handling internet leads effectively.
  • They needed help with getting their entire team on board with a process.

DSU Processes Implemented:

  • Multiple Vehicle Options provided with initial responses.
  • Quality Lead Response Scoresheet is now used to hold staff more accountable.
  • Email templates created to decrease response time and provide a more quality response.
  • Pricing Matrix and more transparent pricing.

Improvements Shown:

  • Lead to Appointments Set Rate is right under 50%, up from 20% last year.
  • Show Rate is at 82%, up from 55% last year. [Source]

About the Store

South Dade Toyota is located near Miami, Florida. They have very low to non-existent turnover, and treat all their employees like one big, happy family. Jose Lazo, a 16 year automotive veteran and the Internet Sales Director who manages their internet department and BDC, says the store’s attitude about changes in the automotive industry with more leads coming from the internet is a positive one. Everyone who works there is eager to learn how to perfect their processes when handling online leads.

The Challenges:

One of the processes they were struggling with was their initial lead handling. Because this process wasn’t working effectively they were having difficulties connecting and making appointments with online leads.

They knew this was an area they needed help in, but finding the time to work on it was not easy.

Their General Manager was in a Dealer 20 Group and someone in his group recommended they try DrivingSales University. He came back and told Lazo about it. Lazo was familiar with the company and said he was always reading things on the DrivingSales Community and from DrivingSales News. He was thrilled when his boss endorsed enrolling the store in DrivingSales University.

The Solutions:

South Dade Toyota joined DrivingSales University and began working on their initial lead handling process. To train the team, Jose uses the Quality Lead Response Scoresheets and meets one on one with his people. Lazo says, it helps to see where reps are lacking or what they need to work on because the QLR scoresheets helps you see the trends versus just single mistakes.

They created email templates with areas to provide multiple vehicle options and began using them on all lead responses to help increase customer engagement and decrease response time. They’ve also started being more transparent in their pricing by using a the DSU recommended pricing matrix.

Lazo says one of the things he loves about being a DrivingSales University client is having a Performance Coach he meets with on a monthly basis. “Having my performance coach, Susan Schaefer, there to help me set goals for my department and walk me through implementing various processes, makes a huge difference. I really like having the accountability.”

South Dade Toyota appreciated the fact that the processes DrivingSales training provided were easy to implement and produced quick results. “Enrolling in DrivingSales University has really helped to solidify our department on how to handle internet leads.”

The Results:

The dealership has seen an increase in customer responses since implementing several of the DSU processes. “Our open rates on emails have increased. Phone skills and lead handling have improved. Everything has gone up for us since starting with DrivingSales University.” Lazo shared.

Lead to Appointments Set Rate is right under 50%, up from 20% last year.
Show Rate is at 82%, up from 55% last year. [Source]

When Lazo goes to the Dealer 20 Groups now, he is impressed with his team’s numbers as they compare to other dealers in the groups. He is proud of his team and knows they can continue to improve. He is excited to tackle building out their long-term follow-up campaigns next with DSU.

“Thumbs up for DrivingSales University. I’ve seen other products or services and DSU is one of the best. Just to see my people get better and sell more cars, is what makes me happy.”
-Jose Lazo, Internet Marketing Director at South Dade Toyota

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[Source: CRM]

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