Killing the Sacred Cow – Pay Plans and Motivation

DSU Archived Webinar Pay plans are the controversial epicenter of any dealership, and the dealership’s main weapon to drive performance, retain their best sales people and motivate. However, with new research from outside the auto industry saying that employees don’t … Read More

Addressing Your Dealership’s Silent Killer: Turnover

DSU Archived Webinar A study from DrivingSales, in partnership with Hireology, found that dealer executives underestimate their turnover by 20% for their entire dealership and 27% among their sales team. This indicates a major disconnect from executives and their workforce, … Read More

Why Sales Training Fails – Patterns for Success

DSU Archived Webinar When your team hears “sales training” do you hear cheers or sighs? No matter your sales teams’ opinion of training development, it’s absolutely mandatory for you to improve performance. So how do you get them to engage, … Read More

Moving Sales Turnover from 72% to 27%

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Improve Your Salesperson Time-to-Value

DSU Archived Webinar The turnover rate in the automotive industry is 72%, equating to about $40,000 loss per salesperson coming directly from car sales’ bottom line. Sustainable training for your staff is one way to help keep your staff and … Read More

Dealership Increases Cars Sold 88% – First Choice Ford

Executive Summary First Choice Ford is an authorized Ford and Lincoln dealership located in Rock Springs, WY. The store weathered the economic downturn of 2008. After, dealer Shane Griffin sought out a differentiator to propel the store’s long-term effectiveness. After … Read More

Applicable Training Provides Dealer Success – Bill Pearce Honda

Applicable Training Provides Dealer Success – Bill Pearce Honda Bud DiFatta, Sales Manager for Bill Pearce Honda, talks about the phenomenal training from DrivingSales University, how it’s tailored to fit today’s buyer and his success from applying the results to … Read More

DSU Relieves Training Burden – Walla Walla Valley Honda

DSU Relieves Training Burden – Walla Walla Valley Honda Listen to Bryant Gibby, General Sales Manager for Walla Walla Valley Honda, describe his experience with DrivingSales University and how it’s helped get their sales staff up to speed quickly and … Read More

27% Increased Show Rate – South Dade Toyota

  Executive Summary Dealer Profile: South Dade Toyota is located near Miami, Florida. They have a small internet department and a BDC. Challenges: They lacked a process for handling internet leads effectively. They needed help with getting their entire team … Read More

Dealers From Across North America

Lacy Arnold, Online Community Manager at DrivingSales, interviewed car dealers from across the country about their experience with DrivingSales University. Managers and dealer professionals talk about the courses, trainings and most importantly the results they saw at their dealership. With … Read More