Getting More Out of Every Advertising Dollar

The average advertising per car sale can range from $207 to $862. The difference comes down to your marketing effectiveness and your websites ability to attract, engage and convert leads.

DrivingSales University keeps you up-to-date on the latest car dealership digital marketing strategies. Develop a marketing process that keeps your site at the top of search results and converts traffic into opportunities.

Digital Marketing Foundations

Gain insight into critical marketing channels that are essential to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Continually Updated

DrivingSales University continually updates courses and information so you stay on the forefront of digital innovations with new course released every month.

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Automotive Dealer Website Optimization (SEO)

DSU shows you how to ensure that your dealership is the first result customers see when they first indicate interest in a vehicle. Learn the basics of organic search, Google algorithms, meta tags and cross-posting and watch your dealership break away from the pack.

DrivingSales University Automotive SEO Skill courses include:

SEO Strategy

Understand how to build a plan to approach SEO. DSU teaches the nuts and bolts that put your site at the top of search results.

Vendor Management

Discover the important fundamentals of SEO management and learn how to have better conversations with your vendor so you can hold them accountable to your initiatives and goals.

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Car Dealership Marketing Strategy

Where should you be spending your ad dollars?  DrivingSales University shows you how to create a marketing strategy and execute a targeted approach to dealership marketing.  Learn how to develop targeted customer segments, select the correct channels to reach those customers, and define the message you want to market.

DrivingSales University Car Dealership Marketing Strategy courses include:

Knowing Your Customers

Learn how to identify and target the right audience for your brand. Find the right targets and timing to get more sales.

Create Brand Differentiators

Why should a customer buy from you? Discover how to define your distinctive competencies and communicate your differentiation to your customers. Stand out from your competition.

Beat your competition
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Car Inventory Marketing

If you inventory isn’t effectively marketed online it is invisible to buyers.  Learn how to market your inventory effectively on your website and inventory classified sites.  DrivingSales University will teach you how to maximize your SRPs (Search Results Pages), VDPs (Vehicle Description pages), and techniques for improved conversion.

DrivingSales University Car Inventory Marketing courses include:

Convert VDP Views to Shoppers

Learn how to optimize your VDPs for maximum conversion. DSU shows you how to set up processes that you can use to build an efficient inventory marketing strategy.

What the Top 20% are Doing

Learn what benchmark dealers (your competition) are doing to optimize performance and how you can identify opportunities to improve your inventory marketing performance.

Optimize your inventory marketing
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Automotive Dealer Social Media

Social reputation management and customer engagement are vital to your dealership’s success.  How can you engage in online communities and have effective conversations? Learn how to build a social strategy that will connect with your customers.

DrivingSales University Automotive Dealer Social Media courses include:

Developing Social Media

Identify the social channels that you should be focusing on. Develop your social media promoters and your online reputation. Align your social media outreach with best practices.


Learn how to implement a solid reputation management strategy that allows you to build and leverage your online reputation.

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Vendor Accountability

You rely on marketing vendors to help you accomplish your goals and objectives. DSU gives you insight on how to hold them accountable for their results. Learn how to analyze your marketing performance and have better conversations with your vendors.

DrivingSales University Accountability Training courses include:

Auditing Your Website

Learn how to identify consumer conversion roadblocks and shortcomings of your website and how to build processes to fix them.

Monitoring Outcomes

Discover how to analyze each marketing channel. Track spend and performance to increase Return on Investment (ROI). Make decisions and optimize your spend based on data.

Keep your agencies honest
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Advanced Car Dealer Marketing Certifications

DrivingSales University is the only source for third-party validated automotive marketing certification. Learn from marketing experts on how to execute marketing strategies.  For the dealerships who want to do it all in-house, this training is a must.

Complete Certification List

There are 8 Advanced Car Dealer Marketing Certifications certifications available including:

Search Engine Marketing

Take your dealership SEO to the next level with advanced SEO training.

Mobile Marketing

This curriculum covers marketing, selling, and building loyalty through mobile channels.

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