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Over the past few years the question has changed from “What is a BDC?” to “How do I maximize my BDC performance?” The BDC (Business Development Center) in the dealership has become a valuable tool that drives business and closes deals through effective communication to potential buyers using phone, chat, social and other communication means.

Whether you are trying to implement a BDC at your dealership or optimize your current BDC’s performance DrivingSales University provides the training, strategies and templates to reach your goals.

Building a Winning Team

BDC success depends on having a strong team. Know how to identify, recruit and retain the right people for your BDC with in-depth strategies for hiring, incentivizing and training your team.

Develop Successful Representatives

Creating a BDC development plan can be daunting, let us take care of it. From onboarding to skill improvement, DSU has you covered.

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BDC Implementation

Are you looking to implement or adjust your BDC? DrivingSales University teaches you everything you need to know to successfully build a BDC. Our classes show you how to set up your BDC, from helping you determine your strategy to lead distribution. Let us help you build your BDC right.

DrivingSales University offers 12 Car Dealer BDC Implementation courses including:

Governing Mechanism

Learn how to leverage vendors, tools and systems in your BDC.

Staffing Calculations

Right-size your BDC for optimal performance and lead volume.

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BDC Staffing/Hiring

Getting the right people on your team is the most important step to BDC success. But where do you find your BDC managers and agents? Learn how to determine how many personnel you need and how to recruit and hire your staff.

DrivingSales University offers 17 Automotive Dealer BDC Staffing/Hiring courses including:

Hiring Proactively

DSU shows you how to implement an ongoing hiring strategy. Make sure you don’t get left high and dry when a representative leaves.

BDC Agent: Who to Hire

Learn how to recruit, interview, and hire BDC Agents. Know how to identify the perfect candidates for your team.

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Be ready at the point of contact, no matter how it happens. Discover how to build processes that determine the success of your BDC. DrivingSales University has courses on phone, online chat, and email lead handling processes. We’ll show you what a successful process looks like and help you build each process.

DrivingSales University offers 52 Car Dealer Phone/Chat/Email courses including:

Email Training

Discover how to craft an email that will get opened, read, and responded to. Implement the techniques the get you more responses.

Outbound Phone Follow Up

Your dealership will learn the important skills of follow up calls. We’ll show you how to build outbound scripts and hold your agents accountable. Ensure timely and quality responses to every communication.

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BDC Structure and Optimization

Do you need a traditional BDC or a Reverse BDC structure? Do you build your BDC to handle sales and service business? Determine the correct BDC structure for your organization. DSU reviews different structure options and lays out the pros and cons so you can pick the best structure for your dealership.

DrivingSales University offers 24 Car Dealership BDC Structure/Optimization courses including:

Training Administration

Make sure your agents have the skills to get more people to your location. DSU will show you how to create a sustainable training strategy for your BDC.

Breakeven Analysis

Will a BDC pencil for your dealership? Learn how to complete a breakeven analysis to determine the feasibility of a BDC and the impact service can have on that the structure.

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Automotive Dealer BDC Pay Plan and Incentives

Build a pay plan that keeps your BDC agents engaged and motivated. Learn how to set up compensation plans that drive BDC personnel and improve performance. DrivingSales University has multiple compensation examples so you can select and modify them to fit your organization.

DrivingSales University offers 4 Automotive Dealer BDC Pay Plan and Incentives courses including:

BDC Agent: Compensation

Keep your best agents and encourage low performers. Learn how to create a pay plan that gets the best out of your team.

BDC Manager: Compensation

Your BDC Manager is a key to a successful BDC. Motivate them by developing pay plans focused on results and team performance.

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