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Improve Your Sales Person Time-to-Value

This webinar will help you learn:

• Ways to move your salespeople to higher performance faster
• How to build a successful orientation plan
• The sustainable training methods that will keep your staff sharp
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Why Sales Training Fails - Patterns for Success

View this archived webinar to find out how to:

• Design training plans that drive salespeople to retention and improvement
• Develop the processes that guide new salespeople to success in the first 90 days
• Keep your team learning, even veterans, and excited about it
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Moving Sales Turnover from 72% to 27%

View this archived webinar to help you learn:

• The strategies behind competency based hiring and development
• Specific steps that dealers took to decrease their turnover rate
• Additional ways to use the details to Jared Hamilton’s DSES keynote presentation in your business
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Killing the Sacred Cow: Pay Plans and Motivation

View this archived webinar to help you learn:
• The 2 things that motivate long-term committed employees.
• How to think about motivation outside of pay plans.
• Where to invest to attract and keep a better sales team.
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