Years as Number One Store in Philadelphia District


Improvement in Response Time


Closing Rate

Executive Summary

Infiniti of Willow Grove has been the number one store in Philadelphia District for the past 8 years. Despite already having excellent numbers and being on the cutting edge of technology, they welcomed the DrivingSales University training and were curious to see where they could improve. With the support of Jim Totonis, their Digital Marketing Consultant and the new techniques they were learning through DSU, they took action by updating several of their processes such as pricing structure, response time and CRM use and accountability. This Retailer now experiences an overall close rate of 18% and an average response time of under 5 minutes. They are excited about more DSU training and improving their already great metrics.

About the Store

Infiniti of Willow Grove has been the #1 store in the Philadelphia District for the past 8 years. They are proud to be on the cutting edge of the digital age and utilizing available technology to ensure their Internet Sales Consultants have the right tools and resources available to them. Correspondingly, they love new material and are always looking for more opportunities to improve their overall performance.

When Jim Totonis, their Digital Marketing Consultant approached them about enrolling in DrivingSales University, they decided to take action and learn what areas they could improve upon.

The Business Development Consultant (BDC) Director, Gregory Haraway has been with the store for 4 years and has a great understanding of the importance of internet leads and welcomed the DrivingSales University training.

After taking the initial lesson, they quickly realized this is not the norm of what they are used to hearing. This was new material, and valuable material at that. While he felt they already had excellent processes in place to ensure a first class customer experience, the DSU training was a great refresher in some areas, while providing new insight in other areas. They were thrilled to see the overall training style was quick and the information being relayed was the latest ground breaking information in the auto industry.

The Challenges

They had always had a good pricing structure, but the sales team still had to login to their system, look up the invoice, in order to find the specific price of a vehicle. DSU’s proven recommendation of setting up a Pricing Matrix in Google docs really resonated with them.

The Solutions

DrivingSales recommends creating a Pricing Matrix inside Google Docs to easily store, update, and share vehicle inventory with the entire sales department. This keeps everyone abreast of pricing changes, and generates a simple tool for sales consultants to share various pricing options with customers.
After completing the class about the importance of the Pricing Matrix, they recognized this was one area they could improve on.

They immediately created the matrix and uploaded all their inventory with the most current pricing. This simplified their pricing structure and provided the consultants instant access to accurate information to share with their customers.

The DSU training mentions that a critical process point is requesting appointments over the phone. Most appointments are made using the phone and your chances dramatically improve when you are successful reaching your customers by phone. Unless your customer requests exclusive email communication, use the phone to your advantage, but with discretion.

The Results

The Appointment Setting Process Point was a great reminder to the store to focus on making appointments. Even though they knew this, they had let their numbers slip a bit. The reminder helped them to bring their appointments set rate to over 40% again.

Gregory said, “The management staff has to know the processes and have complete buy in on the process for handling leads, or it’s not going to work.” He felt the training provided the solidarity needed to create a strong buy in. The whole internet department was now uniformly more focused on response times and providing more vehicle options to their online customers. Their response times were at 10-12 minutes, and after taking the training they jumped back down between 2-5 minutes.

For the months of October and November 2014, their appointment show rate was 71% and sold 31 cars. For the months of December 2014 and January 2015 their appointment show rate was 72% and sold 46 cars. In a nutshell, the transparency the customer experienced, along with a smooth process, helped convert more of those appointment shows to sales.

Infiniti of Willow Grove’s numbers are now better than ever. They are at an 18% close rate which means they are moving more inventory every month and at a much faster response time. It goes to show even in the top stores there is always room for improvement. As Gregory said, “Our times have always been awesome, but does that mean just because we’re the best, we can’t do better?”.

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