DSU Archived Webinar

Pay plans are the controversial epicenter of any dealership, and the dealership’s main weapon to drive performance, retain their best sales people and motivate. However, with new research from outside the auto industry saying that employees don’t value money as much is it time to rethink pay plans as the main motivation for employees?

We surveyed over 700 automotive sales people to find out what motivated them at work.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

• The 2 things that motivate long-term committed employees.
• How to think about motivation outside of pay plans.
• Where to invest to attract and keep a better sales team.

Presenter: Adam Shiflett

Adam_smAdam Shiflett is the Senior Director of Marketing at DrivingSales. He works with marketing and sales teams to cultivate talented professionals and provide them with simple/powerful solutions. He enjoys diving into web, consumer and survey data to provide insights that improve the way companies interact in their market.

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