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Research shows that a quality email response can have a dramatic effect on your Internet closing percentage. As it gets easier and easier for a customer to gather information, your Internet lead handling process could be the difference between strong dealership sales and weak ones.

DrivingSales University provides the training, strategies and templates to capitalize on your Internet traffic and optimize your dealership’s performance

Phone Handling

Be ready when the call comes in. Make sure that everyone’s phone skills are sharp and that every phone customer is handled correctly.

Chat Engagement

Train your people how to take advantage of this highly engaging medium by answering the right time, every time.

Email Responses

Improve your team’s response time, professionalism and your customer engagement with consistent templates.

Sales Process

Learn how to build a process that gives your customers the experience they want and gives you the best chance of success.

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Car Dealer Lead Process Optimization

Stop deals from falling through the crack. Learn how to implement, execute, and manage lead handling processes that will convert. DrivingSales University shows you the important elements of a successful lead handling process and teaches you how to build email campaigns that convert.

DrivingSales University offers 18 Car Dealer Lead Process Optimization courses including:

Mapping Out Initial Lead Handling

Build your customer path from initial contact to loyal customer. Determine the messaging that is communicated to Internet shoppers.

Writing Effective Phone Scripts

Get the most out of every contact with potential customers. Learn how to create and implement phone scripts for outbound phone follow up.

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Initial Car Buyer Lead Response

The first touch is the most important and it’s more than just speed. What are the factors of a quality initial response? Learn an approach grounded in customer research and see step-by-step instructions on building a high quality initial response.

DrivingSales University offers 16 Initial Car Buyer Lead Response courses including:

Tracking Your Traffic

Build Internet lead handling accountability. Develop processes to understand your true opportunity and hit rate. Discover how to score Internet lead responses and coach employees on the initial lead handling process.

Handling Internet Objections

Learn how to build email templates and phone scripts that address common Internet customer objections. Quickly adapt to any question and turn it into a sales opportunity.

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Car Buyer Outbound Phone Follow Up

The key to an effective lead handling process is appointments. Create phone scripts for every type of outbound follow up with DSU. We’ll show you how to write phone scripts and teach you how to overcome customer concerns so you can increase your appointment set and show rates.

DrivingSales University offers 16 Car Buyer Outbound Phone Follow Up courses including:

The Value of Long-Term Follow Up

Understand why follow up converts your database into buyers. Build a process that provides valuable information for customers throughout their buying process.

Seven Tips for Effective Phone Follow

Implement the key techniques that top performers use to set appointments. DSU teaches your employees the soft skills necessary for phone success.

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Long-Term Automotive Leads Follow Up

Your most profitable sales opportunities are already sitting in your database, you just need to find them. DrivingSales University shows you the fundamentals of long-term follow up and teaches you how to create campaigns. You’ll also gain insight on the metrics you need to manage in order to build a sustainable process.

DrivingSales University offers 14 Long-Term Automotive Leads Follow Up courses including:

Metrics to Measure

Know how well your follow up efforts are converting. Learn the metrics and discover how to monitor and coach based on the results.

Map Out Your Process

Get your time and communications right for optimal return. Communicate your brand differentiators to Internet shoppers in all phases of their buying process.

Follow Up On Your Lead
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Internet Lead Distribution

Get the right lead to the right people at the right time. DrivingSales University shows you how to efficiently distribute Internet leads so you can respond quicker. Learn why it’s not smart to round-robin your leads and the correct distribution strategy you should be incorporating to improve your response times.

DrivingSales University offers 18 Car Buyer Lead Distribution courses including:

Distribution Mapping

Make sure you know where leads are going and how they’re handled. Learn how to create a lead distribution strategy that speeds up your response times.

Lead Accountability

DSU shows you how to implements a process to hold lead handlers accountable for both speed and quality in the initial response.

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