Minute Response Time from 65% of The Time to 70%


Day Long Term Follow-Up


Increased Close Rate from 5.6%

Executive Summary

Lupient Infiniti is part of a 45 year family owned auto group. Their main challenges have been low internet leads, staff turnover, and appointment set to show ratios. After finishing the DrivingSales University training, they began prioritizing the internet leads at the top while putting into effect many of the trained processes, such as the Quality Lead Scorecard. Adding in these processes have decreased their turnover and created better engagement of the customers. They were pleased to see an increase in their close rate from 5.6% in October 2014 to 13.46% in December 2014, a 140% improvement.

About the Store

The Lupient Automotive Group has been in business for 45 years. Their legacy is built on trust and maintaining a solid, long-standing relationship with the customer. Their attitude regarding training is a positive one and they were excited to enroll in DrivingSales University (DSU) .

Jennifer Beckman (Director of Internet), Lisa Hockman (Business Development Manager) and John Wallace (Internet Sales Manager) oversee their internet department and have all been in the industry of handling Internet leads for about 3-5 years.

The Challenges

Some of what they grappled with prior to the training were low internet leads, staff turnover, appointment set to show ratio and the quality of their email responses. There was an underlying culture of not treating internet leads as a priority and with utmost care.

After completing the training they saw the importance of having dedicated personnel to manage the internet leads. They are now seeing internet leads as real opportunities, and the entire sales team at the store is working together to handle leads. The receptionist triages the leads out to the sales team, who then quickly respond to the lead, treating it the same way they would if the customer had walked in the door.

Lupient Infiniti also struggled with providing the customer multiple vehicle options. DrivingSales’ research shows giving customers a few different options increases the chances of the store selling that particular customer a vehicle. In fact, one-third of customers don’t purchase the vehicle they inquired on, so offering different options at different price points helps the customer to see alternatives to their inquiry, thus increasing their chances of buying from you instead of shopping for other alternatives at other dealers. Prior to the training it wasn’t common practice to provide vehicle options in their responses.

The Solutions

They are now offering vehicle options on a much more consistent basis to keep their customer engaged with their store. Additionally, they have implemented the Quality Lead Scorecard, which provides the retailer insight into the quality of the responses customers are receiving. This facilitated their store with having an extra layer of accountability and data they could use for coaching. They can now monitor their results through the Scorecards versus having to rely on mystery shops or third parties.

Another key takeaway for them was improving their Long Term Follow Up campaigns. They are now providing follow up on leads for 115 days with the help of DrivingSales’ recommendations.

The Results

The training from DSU was very validating for them and reinforced what the sales managers had been conveying to the sales team. The effect was improved processes, which decreased turnover as well as lowered their response rate to under 30 minutes, 70% of the time.

Their close rates prior to the DSU courses were 5.6% and sprung up to 13.46% by the time they concluded the training.

Jennifer had this to say about the training, “I found the training very helpful, easy to use, and the lessons all made sense.” She is looking forward to more!

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