Optimize Your Team's Performance

Implementing change is not easy, even if it is best for your team. The Forgetting Curve shows that without the proper ongoing coaching and training, 77% of your team will forget what you said in 6 days and 90% will forget in a month (no wonder you have to repeat yourself so much).

DrivingSales helps you educate your team, roll out changes and make sure it sticks.

Certify Your Team

Track progress of your team and each individual as they improve their skills. Monitor completed courses and verify their effectiveness.

Coach For Improvement

Identify areas, skills and concepts that may need more attention. Use interactive learning tools (challenges, quizzes) to reinforce critical skills.

Correct The Misses

Let’s be clear, no team is perfect. Use built-in coaching templates and resources to keep your team on track of continuous improvement.

Motivate Your Team

Keep your team engaged. Make sure they are confident that they have the skills to take that next call, meet the next customer and close that next deal.

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5 minutes to the sales team meeting and you haven’t even thought of what you’re going to do? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Meetings-In-A-Box has everything you need to have effective sales meetings ready to roll. Sustain your training efforts, hold more impactful meetings, and keep your team motivated.

Engaging Videos

Each Meeting-In-A-Box comes with a principle focused video led by industry experts. Getting your team ready for the day and reinforce your process training.

Interactive Activities

Each Meeting-In-A-Box comes with active learning team activities including contests, role-plays and competitions designed to help you hold a better training session.

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Management Principles

Equip your management staff with the skills they need to have to implement your strategies. DSU has an in-depth curriculum for managers designed to help them have high-quality conversations with your employees and encourage their development. Invest in your managers with DSU Management training.

DrivingSales University offers courses including:

Individual Coaching

Discover the fundamentals of an effective employee one on one. Learn how to overcome resistance to change. Build a strong sales team.

Facilitation Techniques

DSU shows your managers how to hold a better meeting with courses on team facilitation. Make your training opportunities more engaging and ensure better retention.

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Change Management

Change is hard. Learn a systematic approach to change management to make sure your new processes stick in your store. DSU instructs on the fundamentals of organizational transition in the dealership and provides a step-by- step formula you can leverage to smooth the transition.

DrivingSales University offers courses including:

Overcoming Resistance

Learn the different types of resistance and how you can identify them in your employees. Ensure your store will have less “push-back” on new process initiatives.

Develop a Change Management Strategy

DSU will show you how to approach change in your dealership. You will be able to develop a strategy that leads to better employee adoptions. Make sure your efforts to shift to a new process are effective.

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