DrivingSales conducted a 16-month nation-wide research initiative to understand the car shopping process from the consumer’s perspective. Using geo-tracking, in-person studies DrivingSales discovered what closes and kills deals at your dealership.

Competing on Experience

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56% of buyers said that they would buy cars more often if the experience at the dealership were better. Poor customer experience is stifling car sales at retailers and customers want more control in the process.

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Developing Trust Online

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61% of buyers showed up at the dealership without previous contact. Customers are bypassing lead processes and doing investigations on non-dealer sites. However, buyers see your website as an indication of their in-store experience.

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Attracting Younger Shoppers

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In 2014, Millennials accounted for 27% of new car sales, up from 18% in 2010. As younger consumers gain stable employment and experience lifestyle milestones, car ownership becomes more of a necessity.

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Experiences that Sell Cars

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Only 4% of buyers visited their first dealership planning to buy a car or take a test drive. Customers want space and the ability to shop at their own pace. Forcing buyers down a predefined path turns many away and increases negative precepetions.

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After all the work you do in purchasing inventory, lead acquisition facilities investments, marketing and advertising the sale comes down to how well prepared a salesperson is to close the deal. Make sure your team is ready to go and closing at it’s highest level.

Sales Turnover Tax


NADA reports that sales turnover is 72%, up from previous years. Turnover expenses may be one of the biggest hidden costs in you dealership. Find out how much.

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Is Your Dealership Female-Friendly?

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Women are underrepresented in Dealerships and leave 48% of the time more than the average employee. Are you a female-friendly dealer?

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Salesperson Personality Test

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What kind of salesperson are you? Take this quick survey to find out what over 1,000 buyers thought about your sales approach.

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Human Capital Mangement

2015 DSES Presentation

Watch as Jared Hamilton discusses the impact of turnover costs, employee morale and human capital management has on the bottom line of your dealership.

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