Increase Sales And Reduce Turnover

The average automotive sales turnover is 72%. NADA projected that each new hire at your dealership costs you $30,000, cutting directly into your per vehicle profit. Meanwhile, employees that stay longer than three years are the most profitable and productive.

DrivingSales helps you prepare, engage and retain better sales people, ready for today’s customers with courses focused on key needs.

Sales Person On-boarding

Set up every sales person for success. Our orientation courses help your new sales hires thrive on the showroom floor, ensuring that they stick.

Ongoing Sales Skills Training

The best way to retain your sales people is invest in their improvement. Keep your sales team sharp and ready to perform with ongoing, engaging training.

Car Salesperson Onboarding

Building a winning sales team starts with the right training and information, but managers seldom of time to give them one-on-one attention they need. DrivingSales University instructs new hires on the keys to success and lets them practice in a safe environment, ensuring your salespeople are ready.

DrivingSales University Car Salesperson Onboarding courses include:

Automotive Retail Industry

Understand the automotive industry, car buyer basics and the important role dealers play.

Job Roles in a Dealership

See how a dealership functions and who is running its many parts. Know who can help you succeed.

Car Salesperson Phone Training

The phone remains one fo the main communication channels in the dealership. The difference between success and failure depends on the right processes and words.  DrivingSales University has phone implementation, execution, and management training; everything you need to build a sustainable phone process.

DrivingSales University Phone Training courses include:

Communication Skills

Tone and approach is critical for client engagement over the phone. Through our highly-interactive industry exclusive phone simulator, you’ll have your salespeople’s results dialed-in.

Overcoming Phone Objections

Your sales people need to know how to overcome objections on the phone in order to be successful. Learn how to create scripts that build trust and differentiate your dealership to drive more appointments.

Responsive Selling: The Modern Sales Process

Are you meeting modern consumer expectation? Our extensive research shows that customers want a more sophisticated and advanced sales process. DSU will show you how to accelerate your current sales process to improve conversion, customer loyalty and referrals with responsive selling techniques.

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Your team will learn to:

Adjust to Customers Needs

Some customers need basic product information others already did all their research online. These courses help your sales team identify where customers are and how to close the deal quicker.

Brand Consistency

Your sales people are your brand ambassadors in the sales process. Teach them how your brand should be represented in every customer transaction.

Automotive Sales Skills

Developing soft skills is vital to engage with today’s consumers. Through instruction and interactive simulations such as active listening, questioning, and overcoming objections, DrivingSales University teaches the fundamentals necessary to a successful sale.

DrivingSales University Automotive Sales Skills courses include:

Communicate Effectively

Salespeople will learn to add value to every customer conversation with information that guides the buyer through the sales process

Provide Transparency

Customers buy from people they trust. Salespeople will learn how to provide clear information that makes customers feel comfortable about buying, without sacrificing gross.

Car Dealership Sales Process

Course materials are built for putting learning into action. Learning is only have the battle, you need to be able to apply that learning to your dealership to be able to get the results you want.

Every course is designed to be actionable, with activities to help you apply what you have learned. Download templates that help you create optimal flows and organization with proven methods that have helped dealers maximize their results.

Needs Analysis

Effective information gathering and responses that increase close ratios.

Overcome Objections

Leverage winning techniques that address customer obstacles and concerns and closes deals.