Turnover Tax Calculator

Find out how much sales turnover is impacting your per vehicle profits.

Decrease Your Turnover Tax

Cut-CalculatorDecreasing turnover will have a major impact on your dealership operations and customer experience. More long-term happy employees means more happy/referring customers. Here are four areas to focus on to decrease your turnover tax.

Map to Core Competencies

Identify the most important skills yours sales people need to develop to be successful. The DrivingSales Consumer Experience Study identified responsive selling techniques that customers a looking for in a sales person.

Acquire the Right People

Most turnover issues are actually hiring issues. It is important to know what traits you can hire for and what you should train through effective management processes. Hire for character traits, train skills.

Develop Your People

On-boarding to on-going training helps you retain your best people and build your sales team. Investing you training is an investment in your team for the long-term.

Reward Your People

Be transparent about the way you compensate your best performers. Provide clear development paths that tie to compensation so employees are motivated to advance their skills and stay with your dealership long-term.

We Can Help

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