Auto Dealer Marketing and Sales Training

Apply The Industry's Best Practices To Your Dealership.

Optimize Your Peformance

This is not “one-size-fits-all”; because each auto dealership is unique and has specific problems that call for creative solutions. Our courses are organized around finding solutions to many different problems that auto dealerships might have. DrivingSales University then teaches you and your business how to solve these problems in a way that addresses your specific performance gaps, grows your sales and provides the most impact for your dealership overall.

Unlimited Updates

Training is being created and updated constantly to stay up-to-date with latest trends, always have the freshest information.

Designed for Real-World

Courses address common dealership performance gaps and provide solutions to implement real change in your dealership.

Web-Based Training

Available 24/7 the courses and materials are always accessible wherever you have access to internet.

Unlimited Access

Anyone and everyone that needs access to the courses in your dealership can enroll with no additional cost.

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Performance Coaches - Personal Coaching

DSU Performance Coaches identify the specific skills you need to refine to meet your goals, then guide you on what specific courses will teach you how to refine your processes and approach. When you enroll in DrivingSales University, your dealership is assigned a dedicated Performance Coach who evaluates your current performance, identifies goals with you and sets the course forward.

From the dealership insight about your dealership provided by the Initial Performance Assessment, your dedicated Performance Coaches will create a tailored program for your dealership and assigns the curriculum you need to improve performance and discover hidden opportunities. 

Mystery Shopping

Performance improvement plans are based on observed areas of opportunities during shopping tests.

Performance Benchmarking

Monthly benchmarks are created to monitor progress to set goals created by you and your Performance Coach

Optimized Learning - Education Science

Instructional Technology and Design are sciences dedicated to understanding how humans learn (yes this is a real thing). Every course in DrivingSales University is developed by experts in adult learning so this isn’t just “another training course”.

The science is focused on helping you and your dealership staff retain information and apply it so you see results. Each course is developed with a purpose, in real-world application and designed to be implemented.

Web-Based Courses

Start and stop courses as you progress or even re-watch topics as you need, until you ge the results you want.

Engaging Video

Courses are video based with our engaging industry experts to guide you along the way.

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Learning in Action - Tools and Templates

Course materials are built for putting learning into action. Learning is only have the battle, you need to be able to apply that learning to your dealership to be able to get the results you want.

Every course is designed to be actionable, with activities to help you apply what you have learned. Download templates that help you create optimal flows and organization with proven methods that have helped dealers maximize their results.

Process Flowcharts

Use pre-developed flowcharts to give you a template the build off of and apply to your dealership.

Organization Templates

Download organization guides to help you build the structure you need to maximize performance.

Learning Focused On Real-World Challenges

Courses and plans are created based from actual dealer experience and in-depth consumer research. The training isn’t structured with a rigid syllabus, instead you take courses that will impact you the most. The training is broken into key areas that drive results in dealerships that you can select based on your needs.

Actionable Learning

Courses are developed to have immediate impact on the way your dealerships operates and keeping you on the course to success.

Learn At Your Pace

Education tracts are laid out so that you can decide what you need to learn next and need apply to your dealership for best impact.

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