DSU Archived Webinar

When your team hears “sales training” do you hear cheers or sighs?

No matter your sales teams’ opinion of training development, it’s absolutely mandatory for you to improve performance. So how do you get them to engage, and stay engaged?

Adam Shiflett of DrivingSales explained years of data on how sales teams learn new skills and the insightful techniques that can help your team build a culture of learning that leads to success.

View this archived webinar to find out how to:
• Design training plans that drive salespeople to retention and improvement
• Develop the processes that guide new salespeople to success in the first 90 days
• Keep your team learning, even veterans, and excited about it!

Presenter: Adam Shiflett

Adam_smAdam Shiflett is the Senior Director of Marketing at DrivingSales. He works with marketing and sales teams to cultivate talented professionals and provide them with simple/powerful solutions. He enjoys diving into web, consumer and survey data to provide insights that improve the way companies interact in their market.

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