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Driving Sales Executive Summit 2016

Driving Sales Executive Summit 2016

Driving Sales Executive Summit 2016   For me this was the best Driving Sales Executive Summit to date. I have never networked as much as I …

Should Your Dealership Internally Manage Your SEM and AdWords Strategy?

Should Your Dealership Internally Manage Your SEM and AdWords Strategy?

There’s a lot of talk about SEM, PPC, SEO and AdWords... 1. What is the difference between them? 2. Which will be the best fit for your digital…

Building Effective Vendor Relationships

Building Effective Vendor Relationships

  There is a tendency for us automotive digital marketers to allow others the ability to dictate and demand our time. I’m not talking so mu…

How Do You Deal With Declined Services?

How Do You Deal With Declined Services?

In our industry, every department is involved in sales. And although it’s called the ‘Service’ department, you and I both know there&rsqu…

The Importance of Localized Digital Marketing for Car Related Businesses

The Importance of Localized Digital Marketing for Car Related Businesses

Marketers and business owners have no other option but to follow the customers in their digital migrations and endeavors. Car businesses are no exception t…

Ok, so maybe you've heard of a few of them, but these aren't the obvious ones like YouTube, Digg and Facebook.  The point is your customers are using social networks everywhere they go.  Its becoming a natural part of online behavior.  Connecting with people on these niche social sites in a relevant manner may be more effective than the large networks that everbody is a part of.  In the long tail of social networks its easier to figure out what interests your audience.  So don't be affraid to migrate off Facebook and MySpace. It may require more of an effort to connect with people, but I'm will to bet ultimately conversions will be higher.



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