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Live Chat Best Practices: 6 Tips to Help Dealers Get the Most Out of Live Chat



Tired of trial and error live chat strategies?

ActivEngage has gathered and analyzed data over the past several months on the performance of their products.  The findings illustrate how live chat works for dealers in various situations and how to optimize live chat for maximum engagement and lead conversion.

The findings are currently being compiled and explained in a soon-to-be released ebook titled Automotive Live Chat Insights.  This free ebook will be available to all dealers so that dealerships using live chat can employ a proven and trusted live chat strategy.

The following live chat deployment best practices were developed based on the analysis of more than one million live chat conversations.

1) Avoid chat button styles and designs thatblend in with the content and background of the webpage. Chat buttons should be eye-catching and ‘pop’ from the page so consumers take note of their location and availability.

2) Place chat buttons on the header of each webpage.  If chat buttons are placed at the top of the page, they are more quickly and easily recognized by consumers.  Our data shows that the higher the button’s placement on the page, the higher the conversion rate of that chat invitation.

3) Make sure the placement and design of chat buttons are consistent on all pages.  Consistency allows users to easily recall chat button locations and readily engage in chat without having to search the website.

4) Use the “park feature” for proactive chat invitations.  Invitations that stay on screen while the user scrolls the webpage dramatically increase consumer engagement and chat conversion.  This feature promotes chat interaction as the website visitor consumers your content and presents an open opportunity to seek additional information.

5) Keep visitors on your site while they engage with your social media.  A connectivity toolbar on each webpage will created an integrated social shopping experience for website visitors by allowing them to engage with your social content without leaving your site.  When used in conjunction with “parked” proactive invitations, connectivity toolbars achieve the highest conversion rate on non-inventory pages.

6) Place Chat buttons in inventory details and special promotion information.  This is the most effective strategy for providing the right message at theright moment to prospective customers.  When customers browse your inventory pages, they are deep into the sales process and are moving closer to a purchasing decision.  Placing chat buttons in inventory details and promotional information creates clear and open channels for consumers to gather more information while giving dealerships the opportunity to set appointments with ready-to-buy shoppers.

The implementation these 6 best practices will drastically improve website visitor engagement with your proactive chat buttons and invitations.  Keep an eye out for the Automotive Live Chat Insights ebook which will use our data to illustrate how specific live chat strategies work.

Topics will include:

A profile of the average live chat participant

Which US geographic regions achieve the highest live chat conversion rate

Average conversion rates of a variety of live chat deployment strategies

Stay tuned for more blogs detailing live chat best practices.
Let us know about the results you achieved.  Were you already doing some of the described strategies?

Rick Baamonde
The Forrester Group has done a couple of whitepapers on the ROI of passive and proactive chat, and while both are effective and valuable, proactive chat far exceeds passive chat buttons in conversions. This is one: My company,, is excellent at creating custom proactive chat triggers, and is rated #1 in Enterprise Live Chat by Top Ten Reviews. -Rick
Robert Wace
When you began to realize the role of live chat to increase and convert sales the better you will realize using these services. Aside from keeping your visitors to your site and social media hubs placing chat buttons on every crucial part of your website to increase and promote sales is one of the greatest tips I appreciate.
Justin Braun
I'm glad you found these tips helpful! Check out this ebook for more info on how to make chat deliver you the most amount of leads possible:

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