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Automotive Live Chat Isn’t a Just Luxury, It’s a Necessity


If you’re not using live chat, you’re losing thousands of dollars every day and you probably don’t even realize it.

One thing I’m sure you do realize is that today’s automotive shoppers do extensive research online prior to ever stepping foot in a showroom.  As Ralph Paglia says, “There is no such thing as an ‘internet customer’ anymore.  There are only customers!”

Another thing you’re most likely realizing is that your leads of greatest quality come from your website.  The leads that convert from your website are made up of interested, engaged, ready-to-buy shoppers that found they information for which they were searching.

What about the shoppers that visit your website and aren’t converting?  Can you afford to ignore them?

Automotive live chat is a unique tool for instant communication between shoppers and dealers.  Here are several explanations of why live chat on your dealership website is a necessity.

Live chat allows you to engage tacit website visitors

Adding automotive live chat to your dealership website presents you with an opportunity to tap into an under-engaged resource of interested shoppers.  These potential leads are already on your website, browsing your inventory and checking out your specials.  You wouldn’t let them just browse and leave if they were on your lot would you?  Use live chat to transform your website from a billboard into your digital showroom and double your web leads.

Live chat allows you to help shoppers find information about you with the speed they expect

Just like a real-life salesperson on the lot, live chat helps to answer shopper questions and provide detailed information.  If the information shoppers seek is not where they expect it to be on your website or not listed at all, live chat serves as a unique outlet to keep these shoppers on site and engaged.  Additionally, time is money to today’s consumers and they would rather receive answers to their questions immediately than have to wait for an email or phone response.

Live chat engages casual website visitors in a 1-1 sales process

It’s totally possible to set appointments and even sell cars from your website.  To do this, you’ll need live chat.  Filling out a form doesn’t engage shoppers.  Engage them with the one to one sales process that’s expected of a dealership directly on your site.  It’s not technology that sells cars, its’ people.  Humanize your site with live chat.

Live chat builds relationships with your website visitors

For most people, buying a car is a high-stress and anxiety endeavor.  Consumers don’t want to be tricked into biting off more than they can chew.  Because of this anxiety, the automotive sales process is based on positive relationships between the dealer/salesperson and the consumer.  Your website can’t build a relationship with a consumer on its own.  You need live chat to engage shoppers, help them find what they’re looking for and communicate to them that you have their best interests in mind.  A lead from live chat comes into your dealership with an already established positive relationship with you.  Could you ask for anything more?

Live chat gives consumers a positive first impression of your dealership, wowing them and exceeding their expectations

Not only is live chat the ultimate lead generation tool for your website, but it also provides opportunities for above and beyond customer service.  Your salespeople probably greet everyone that comes to your dealership.  Shouldn’t your website do the same?  Live chat greets your website visitors and then provides them concierge level service that builds positive brand perceptions and relationships between consumers and dealers.

Live chat delivers ready-to-buy shoppers into your showroom

Leads generated from your website are of the highest quality.  They come in ready to put their money where their mouth is.  Live chat does the same thing, only at a greater volume.  The shoppers that engage in live chat are not the same website visitors that fill out a lead form.  Therefore, you’re getting additional highly qualified leads delivered into your CRM and showroom that you did not have before.

If you think live chat is fad, think again.  If you think live chat doesn’t work or isn’t worth the cost, just ask a colleague who uses live chat.  They don’t know what they did without it.  If you are currently using live chat and it’s not delivering on expectations, investigate some other chat vendors and ask them these questions.

Remember, by ignoring the website visitors that aren’t submitting leads, you’re letting them become someone else’s customer.

ActivEngage live chat converts more than 80% of chat conversations into leads.  Find out what themost trusted brand in automotive live chat can do for your dealership.

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