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3 Ways Automotive Chat Enhances Dealer Service Departments


The benefits of automotive live chat for your dealership website’s sales process are pretty clear.  But, have you thought about what automotive live chat can do for your dealership service department?

As you know, your dealership service department is essential to the success of your dealership.  Service centers and/or body shops bring in vital revenue for dealers, often accounting for a majority of a dealership’s profit.  Yet, it is very possible that your service department’s resources are already stretched to the limit, inhibiting the amount of service leads and appointments your dealership is able to generate.

So, how do you improve your ability to capture service leads and set more service appointments?  If you incorporate live, automotive chat into your digital marketing mix, the answer is as simple as adding proactive invites to chat on your service department page.  If chat is something that you have yet to consider, below we first identify some of the common service-related issues your dealership might be facing.  Then, we discuss how full-service, automotive chat can resolve these common issues.

Why dealers should use managed chat for service:

1)      Your service department’s phones are always busy.

Does your dealership’s fixed operations department consistently experience peak times of calls and traffic throughout the day?  Most likely, your phones are ringing off the hooks during morning and mid-day peaks.  What happens to all the potential customers that call when your line is busy and fail to leave a message?  They are, more often than not, taking their business elsewhere!

Automotive chat on your dealership website allows customers searching for your phone number to get in touch with fixed ops as soon as they arrive on your site.  This new channel ofcommunication saves both you, and your customers, time and energy.  Chat will free up your phone lines for appointments to be set with non-Internet shoppers while providing tech-savvy customers a means of instant and hassle-free communication.

2)       Building your R-O (repair order) or service tickets is time-consuming.

How long does it generally take to build your repair order and answer all customer questions over the phone?  Too long?  Imagine what would happen to the efficiency of your fixed ops if you could have all of the information for your service tickets delivered to you without even having to pick up the phone!

Chat gives dealers the ability to get customers’ information ahead of time.  With chat, dealers can find out what the service will entail, get parts requests and ask if the customer if there is anything else that could or should be checked out.  At the same time, the instant communication of live chat discussions lets customers ask and find out about warranty information, how long the repair will take, get an estimate and request a loner vehicle.

Thus, automotive chat can streamline and cumulatively grow your service lead generationprocess in addition to building your repair orders ahead of time.

3)       Your Service Advisors and Managers are super busy, all of the time.

The expertise and management skills of your Service Advisors and Managers are critical to your fixed ops, but they only have time and attention for so many things during a day.  I’m sure both they and your bottom line would appreciate a more efficient lead capturing system.

Chat opens your net wider so you can capture more service opportunities.  Doing so allows your Advisors and Managers to prioritize follow-ups and better manage their time.


The value of full-service, managed chat for your dealership website offers you additional, high quality leads in order for you and your employees to focus more time and effort on setting appointments and selling and repairing cars.

Generate more leads from your website with ActivEngage, the most trusted brand in Automotive Live Chat!

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Jim Bell
Great points Justin. The amount of chats that we have that are fixed ops related blows me away. I never would have thought that when we first signed up for chat. It is a great option for customers to contact the dealership when they are in their cubicle at work and can't get on the phone to make an appointment.
Craig Waikem
I agree. We signed up for ActivEngage, and we get as many service appts as sales appts.

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