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How Can You Identify Quality Auto Leads That Work?

All auto leads are not created equal. Find out a reputable auto lead provider with a proven track record. Auto Friend Leads connects your dealership with serious shoppers looking for their next car. Learn how you can actually find quality auto leads

The transformation of ‘car selling business’ has been happening right before our eyes at an incredible pace!

Research results reveal, in the US alone, 90% of car consumers use the internet for comparing new and old car rates and to learn about the vehicle of their choice.

With the proliferation of the internet the automotive lead generation market has also seen a shift in consumer behavior. In this competitive environment it is thus now more important than ever to judge auto leads in terms of quality.

So; how can you identify qualified auto leads? It is impossible to answer this in one simple line because there are a number of contributing factors to mull over. But before we delve any further let us

What is a qualified lead?

A qualified lead on the other hand is much more than a mere contact detail. A qualified lead thus includes further information on the person that it represents.

The qualifying questions in judging a lead thus relate to the BANT approach -

  • Budget: does the lead have the budget to buy the product?

  • Authority: can the lead make a buying decision?

  • Need: does the lead have the need of the particular product/ service in question

  • Timescale: when can the lead make a purchase

By gathering answers to all of the above mentioned questions at the lead stage, you can prioritize the leads you gather.

Stop wasting time on bad leads. In the automotive industry a sales lead is considered as ‘unqualified’ when it fails to meet all or at least some of your identified criteria. Start with a scientific approach to your sales process

Start with the First Contact Filter with the following questions

  • Is it a duplicate lead?

  • Are the data valid?

  • Is the target lead still representing an opportunity?

  • Is the lead a part of a hierarchy?

  • Is the lead a part of a larger opportunity?

Assessing these points not only save your time but it also keeps your sales pipeline full with viable opportunities.

All leads are not equal; importance and significance of ‘fit’ stands as the crucial element for lead qualification. Assess the deal fit, budget fit, interest fit, power fit & timing fit to identify a qualified subprime auto lead.

Deal Fit - This is however the very first step, which you really need to understand well in the lead qualification process.  Answer the following question

  • Does the lead fit your targeted customer profile?

  • Will you be able to manage the geographic region if in case you win the lead?

  • Can you identify the lead’s primary need/demand/ challenge?

If your answers to the above questions are YES then the auto lead is worth fostering.  

Budget Fit – Find out the budget of the lead and find out who controls the budget. Determine the size of the deal and ensure that the lead can pay for it. Assess the prospect’s budget before moving any further.

Interest Fit – Is the lead showing enough interest? This is yet another important aspect to mull over. This is the buyer’s market and savvy buyers will avoid if they are not interested. Assess whether the lead is an Interest Fit.

  • Is the lead taking your call?

  • Has the lead shown interest in your product or pricing?

  • Have they clicked through your promo offers?

If the lead fits all these, then rest assured that you have a qualified lead, which can be moved to the next stage.

Power Fit – The next significant element is to assess –

  • Whether your lead is the decision maker

  • Has the ability in influencing the decision

  • Has the ability to connect you with the decision maker

If your lead fits at least one of the above mentioned assessments, you have a sale qualified lead, which you can pass to your sales team.

Timing Fit – Finally, assess the timing fit. It is all about learning if there’s enough motivation in your lead to act.

  • Has the lead requested additional information?

  • Is he interested in a product demo?

If the lead fits any one of these, the lead is an opportunity which deserves your attention and priority.

Find out a reputable auto lead provider with a proven track record. Auto Friend Leads connects your dealership with serious shoppers looking for their next car.

We utilize user-friendly search tools that help customers find the car they want and buy it from you! After visiting our websites, prospective buyers can virtually visit your dealership 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

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