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Price Validation, Deal Badges and What You Need to Do

Price Validation, Deal Badges and What You Need to Do

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Staff Turnover: The Most Important KPI for Management

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Walk-Ins to Web-Leads

Walk-Ins to Web-Leads

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How One-on-One Coaching Sessions Will Help You Motivate Your Team – Part 2

How One-on-One Coaching Sessions Will Help You Motivate Your Team – Part 2

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How Does Your Brand Affect Your Customers’ Personal Experiences?

How Does Your Brand Affect Your Customers’ Personal Experiences?

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How to Get Your Message Across: Managing Consistency as a Brand

Once you’ve taken some time to establish your brand and made it available to your buyer personas, you want to know that it will be recognizable across the board. After you have spent so much time forging a brand, you want to know that you will get the results and attention you want from potential customers. The best way to do this is to advertise and make sure that your brand is consistent on all your levels of marketing. 

Consistency in web design and graphics

What is the first thing that you think your customers see when they consider your brand? Most likely, they will have an image of your logo, your overall aesthetic, and how consistent this is with the message you are trying to get across. As a result, you want to make sure that every aspect of your company somehow connects back to the image you have created for your brand.

This means that any web design or graphics should portray this. Find a logo that conveys what and how your business operates. Use that logo in all of your documents, receipts, advertisements, and more. The visuals will definitely help with putting yourself out there to a new client base. 

Consistency in social media

While social media might not have been an aspect of marketing to contend with in the past, it is absolutely necessary for the success of your business in the modern age. The problem is that many companies are unsure about how to properly go about promoting their business and services on social media. This can be a learning curve, especially when you want to make sure that what you are conveying makes sense to potential customers.

The best way to do this is to make sure that everything that you are posting somehow relates back to your industry. Whether it is a retweet from an industry leader or a photograph of your latest company event, using social media as a way to bring clients back to your website to learn more is the best way to keep everything consistent.

Consistency in content

Like social media, content on your blog and website is what is going to draw customers into your business. In order to make sure that you attract customers that are truly interested in what you have to offer, you want to take advantage of your blog and website to educate them on what it is you do and how this is all connected to the services you offer.

Posts on your blog should be related to your industry (just like your posts on social media) and should have a clear message. By providing consistency to your clients, they know that they can come back and revisit your blog on a regular basis to get news about the industry and to make an informed decision in their purchases.

Consistency in your advertising

While simply putting banner up outside your business was enough to gain attention in the past, more and more of advertising is making its way to online ads and Google Adwords. Just as you need to sit down and come up with a strategy for content, design, and social media, you should also make sure that all of your advertising is related to what you are trying to accomplish as a brand. This means knowing your buyer persona inside and out and knowing what kind of ad he or she would most likely click on for more information.

Consistency also makes it easier for you because it allows you to follow a set of guidelines that will appeal to potential customers.

While this might require a bit more work and thought, you’re more likely to get the results you want and the customers that are interested in what you have to offer as a business—saving you money and creating success.



Scott Larrabee

Do you have any tips on what a sales person should be sharing for content other than prices etc.? Thanks!

Alex Schnee

Hi Scott,

That's a great question. It really depends on your buyer persona and who you are trying to advertise to.

For local car sales company (which it seems as though you are), I would recommend sharing content from a blog that educates your potential buyers on how to choose the right car for them, how to know when it is time to trade in a car, etc. You want content that readers will search for on Google and that you come up as an informative source.

If you have your own blog, posting content like this regularly can help a lot.

Maybe this will be my next post!

Scott Larrabee

Alex, excellent... thank you!

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