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How to Narrow Down Your Brand to Appeal to Your Ideal Buyer

Finding your ideal buyer can be one of the most challenging parts of beginning your marketing journey and deciding how you are going to go about reaching new clients. It might seem like a good idea to search broadly, but the truth is that you’re less likely to reach the customers that will actually make a purchase—and that can end up harming your business and your marketing budget more than helping.


When you want to find the right buyer, here are some basic tips to go about narrowing down who you want to attract to your company. 


Do some research


The first thing you will want to do when you are identifying who should be your perfect buyer is to sit down and find out who that is. What gender is he or her? What kind of work is he or she involved in? Do you have a specific age group that you want to market to? Defining these characteristics can help you go a long way to finding a way to narrow down to a number of buyers that are more likely to commit to purchasing your product.


Look at your successful clients


You’ll also want to take a look at who has been a successful buyer in the past. By finding the buyers that have been repeat clients or those who have positively spread word of your company, you can determine the type of buyer who you should reach out to. Make sure you talk to buyers who have enjoyed your product and see what it is exactly that attracted them to your brand and what you can do to continue to improve experiences for clients who might not know about you yet.


Look at how you market


Every company chooses to market a little differently, and knowing the ins and outs of how your company does it can give you a significant edge over the competition. Where does most of your marketing budget go? Should it be going somewhere else? Which social media channels are the best to promote your company and content that you are distributing? Once you have an idea, you can allocate the proper budget and time to finding buyers who fit in more with your deal persona.




A lot of the time, the best way to know what can work and what doesn’t is by experimentation. Not all companies have the budget or the time to do it, but if you can, test some options and see what works for you. This also includes trying new campaigns on social media, knowing how use pay per click, and asking customers how they think you can improve. Experimentation is often the best way to get insight on how you can improve as a marketing team and what changes you can make to appeal to your ideal buyer.


Narrowing down your brand and how you want to be perceived by the right customers is an important part of developing a marketing strategy that works for your business. While you can always rebrand, creating an initial branding that works for your buyers can be the best way to encourage people to check out your company.

Scott Larrabee

Great tips, I think looking at what has been successful in the past and the buyers you had success with in the past is a great way to focus your search for who you are marketing yourself and your brand to. Thanks!

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