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2014 Re-targeting strategy for car dealers

People who visit your dealership website or store may show interest in your products or services.  But, more than 80% of potential customers for a variety of reasons, they may not make the final purchase decision on their first visit. This is why retargeting is very important, as it allows you to re-engage that potential customer. Also, before they goto your competitor's website you should be engaging them at the right time.

These potential customers are easier to convert and cost you less per lead. However, internet retargeting or digital display ads have evolved. Browsing behaviors, search patters, usage, software’s and search engines have evolved and your dealership retargeting strategy should keep up with the times.

Retargeting also costs you lower comparing to other paid media.6dad693d2b84505c9deacf71f2c12abb.png?t=1

Differentiate Between Site and Search Retargeting

Most dealerships don’t realize the difference between site and search retargeting. With site retargeting, you aren’t really increasing your audience pool.

Search retargeting gives you access to an audience who hasn’t visited your site, but expressed interest through a query on the search engine. Search retargeting is very effective for creating brand awareness, while site retargeting works well for marketing campaigns that convert your audience. By understanding these two, you can better build a strategy that suits your needs.

A Stronger Search Engine Encryption

In 2013, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all announced that it would be encrypting all its search data. This is a change from their usual format where data is only encrypted at certain points. For a marketing person such a move presents a roadblock. Your retargeting strategy won’t be able to access as much keywords as before. You will find it difficult to conduct organic search optimization.

You have two options; either you can reduce your dependency on keywords, or find an alternative source. An alternative source would be a third party who is able to collect search engine data like Magnetic.

Dealership Retargeting

Start with Cross-Channel Retargeting

Cross-channel retargeting is a concept that is still being experimented with. It has proven to be quite effective if done right. Cross-channel refers to the various operation systems across a variety of devices. More and more people are using smartphones and tablet devices. Create a retargeting strategy that capitalises on various mobile devices out there. This way your cookies can work across Operating Systems like Android and iOS.

Focus your Retargeting

Your retargeting strategy should be focused on the behaviour of your audience. Take a look at the pages they have visited on your site and ensure you create ads according to them. This way you craft internet ads which have a better chance of interesting them.

Ensure your Ads are being seen

It would be a complete waste of time and effort if your ads aren’t even seen. With anti-advertisement software’s and ad-ons being developed, it can suppress your cookies from working.  These are technical details that your strategy should include so your advertisement will have view ability.

Staying up with the times is not easy. Search engines, mobile phones and pretty much everything else is always evolving. Stick in with these steps and you’ll revamp your retargeting strategy for 2014.

Grant Gooley
Retargeting has been around a while an seems like it's just getting some attention now. I also know that just as retargeting gets traction Canada might claim it as "SPAM". I know there has been talks about this. My data also agrees with this post, less cost, higher conversion rates. My thoughts are that it SHOULDN'T be considered spam. This type of advertising serves a good purpose for both parties. Better results on the advertisers part, relevant info for the consumer... win win. Anyone else have thoughts on retargeting?
Ali Salman
Retargeting in my opinion is the best way you can do paid media buy online. As it is easier to convert people who were interested in your product or services rather than convince whole new set of buyers to by your products or services.
Kheneil Black
There is something so right about reminding someone "hey look you interested in this and we have it just for you" And as the customer continues on his/her web search so do their interests so why not advertise while they are in the mode to be receptive. The general public won't surf the internet unless they are ready to be receptive to what appears on their browsers or the sites they are likely to frequent.

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