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Why every dealership should be on Foursquare

6aead4a75bcd669bedf0192593d0c4ad.jpg?t=1In a world that is enriched with a large variety of social media platforms, you may ask yourself why get onto Foursquare? Foursquare is a geo-location based social media. With everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket, they are able to share information on where they are, put up pictures and write stuff anywhere, any time.


Getting onto Foursqure may look like added work, but it will get more people to visit your showroom. As a car dealership, customers will have to actually come over to your showroom to check and test drive cars. You can influence them to share information through Foursquare which will affect their (your customer’s) social circle.


So what the benefits of Foursquare for your dealership?


Promote a Customer Loyalty Program


This is the most basic and effective social program that most business use Foursquare for. You offer incentives for your customers to check in at your dealership location. In return, you can offer vehicle products or services at discounts.


Also, a unique idea you can offer is test drives. Often, you will get potential customers who are not necessarily looking to purchase a vehicle. They may be interested in going for a test drive in your latest vehicle. Hence, you can make it mandatory for them to check in your dealership before they can go for the test drive. This way, even if the potential customer does not purchase the vehicle, your dealership name is spread through his social circle.


Offer Discounts Differently

Some businesses host something called “Foursquare Days” where customers who check in at the business get access to a wide variety of discounts on products or services. This is a totally different way to offer discounts. You ensure that customers come and visit your dealership.


As a car dealership, even offering 5% discount on vehicles on a particular day will see a significant increase of customers checking into your store. If the 5% discount on vehicles doesn’t appeal to you, you can try out a discount on services, financing or leasing offers, accessories or products.


Notify Customers Easily

Customers who have visited your dealership before and are in the neighbourhood can easily find out about any new offers. This is possible because Foursquare allows GPS tracking.  This means you can get people to come to your showroom.


Understand your Customers

Any good business values a strong relationship with their customers. There is so much valuable insight you can gain from a simple check in by a customer on Foursquare.


You have a list of all the customers that have checked in, find out if they were satisfied, read up on their status, comments or reviews they have put up. You also gain information on their behaviour like how frequently they visit your dealership and which competitor dealerships have they visited.


Such information can really help your sale person on the ground level to understand who he is dealing with. You can also identify the timings and days your customers prefer to visit the dealership.


All of this information will help evolve your business into a customer friendly one.


Foursquare is a social platform which you shouldn’t hesitate to get on. At the end of the day, whatever you call loyalty marketing—CRM, retention marketing or more, it’s a business strategy to improve customer retention. And why wouldn’t you want to test out new technologies to do so? The application has a fantastic integration with other social media platforms like Facebook which means information is shared across.

Chris K Leslie
It should also be noted that your dealership is most likely already on foursquare. It's your job to take ownership of that profile.
Arnold Tijerina
I agree 100%. You should be anywhere your customers are. Foursquare is a great place to gain exposure through offers as well as target people in your vicinity. I also agree with Chris in that you are already on Foursquare. People read the tips there so it's important to know what they are saying about your dealership.

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