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Ali Salman

Ali Salman Speaker, Trainer, Sales and Marketing Strategist

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6 more reasons why we MUST move Techs to $40 to $50 an hour soon

6 more reasons why we MUST move Techs to $40 to $50 an hour soon

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4 Million Views In One Week - Here's How We Did It

4 Million Views In One Week - Here's How We Did It

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PPC Strategy - Increase your Click Through Rates

Click through rates are required for successful campaigns for many reasons. One of the reasons being, that the higher the click- through rates, the more allowance there is for an overall lower cost per click in the campaign.



Further down this article, various tactics and strategies that can be used will be discussed. There are a few things that you absolutely must keep in mind about a good PPC strategy.

·         It is important to remember, as mentioned before, that the cost per click will be lowered in the long run.

·         Another thing to remember is that by narrowing down your ads to a specific target audience, you will reap much more out of your paid search plan. This is because you know that your budget is not being wasted on non targeted groups of people (wrong demographics).

·         Thirdly, you are creating a higher chance of drawing attention away from competitor’s ads that will appear alongside your ads thus increasing chances of better performance (Not targeting the same set of keywords).


Strategies can be split into a few categories that can create an impact the click through rates. The categories include pre-campaign plans, campaign plan, and steps that need to be taken post campaign.



Pre Campaign

 It is vital to ask yourself a few questions before beginning your campaign.

·         What is your product/ service essentially(
What cars or service products you want to push more)?

·         Is the campaign about a promotion?

·         Have you identified your competitors (keywords)?

·         What is your most valuable offering that separates you from your competitors ("Why" your potential customers should buy from you) ?

·         What has given you an edge over your competitors over the past few months?


It is important to imagine the goal you wish to achieve at the end of the campaign.  By focusing on the needs of the browsing audience, you can create a targeted campaign that will increase the click –through-rate. Gauge whether the goal is to get a purchase or just a sign up. This will help with the content of the ad.


Campaign Plan

By the time you have your pre campaign plan in order; you will have a strong idea of the tools to be used during the campaign as well. Build a large base of keywords to increase website traffic. Make sure that your content focuses only on benefits and not on features of the product/service.


Post Campaign

Test your campaigns once they are implemented. Optimizing your campaign is the crux of creating amazing PPC campaigns. Keep reviewing the campaign data, keyword performance and overall structure of the campaign to figure out which areas worked. This is a sure-shot way of increasing click through rates.


For some campaigns, a very simple strategy may be enough and for some others, you may have to use an intrinsic plan with many tools and strategies. In most cases, it is best to hire a professional to maximize the chance of a better campaign that is tailor-made to suit your business needs.

Grant Gooley
Ali, I noticed you didn't mention "Dynamic Ads". Along with the other great points you have made, an essential part of a strong PPC campaign (from my experience) is to dynamically produce ads right from your DMS. This way all your used and New vehicle ads are being posted with long tail keywords for low funnel buyers. Good companies that can do this for dealerships: AdSmart, Haystack, eDealer... list goes on. I suggest a Dynamic ad push with every PPC initiative. Oh ya... YouTube Pre Roll is taking off!! (Another blog topic)
Ali Salman
Yes Dynamic Ads really help you with conversion, specially when you are bringing paid traffic conversion ratio is a big concern. Youtube pre-roll has some amazing results and it should be part of paid media. Even I can see dedicated vimeo channels getting more popular on the organic content side.

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