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Ali Salman

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Questions to ask from your dealership website provider

Dealership website providers don’t outrightly steal or overcharge you, but they don’t deliver what was promised. Instead, your website suffers from major bugs, copyright issues and design problems and also still you pay third party websites like AutoTrader, Kijiji etc. to get more leads because your website is unable to bring sizeable amount of leads.


Here are a few problems dealerships have been experiencing on their websites.


Duplicate Content

There can be nothing worse than duplicate content. You would assume that the content is exclusively for your website, however some dealership websites are resorting to duplicating content from other websites and sometimes, even your competitors! This is extremely terrible for your website since it will seriously affect your SEO optimization. When Google finds websites with exactly the same content, the newer website will get marked as spam. This could be one reason why your website doesn’t have a high SEO rank and probably appears on the 10th or 12th search result page.


Getting the Problem Fixed

Now that you’ve found the problem, the next step is to inform your website provider and have it fixed. However, it’s not that easy. They are going to give you another set of problems to deal with. Either they don’t get the job done and are deaf to your pleas or they completely miss the mark and change the correct elements and worsen the site.


Another terrible thing is hearing – “we’re getting that problem fixed” or “we’re in the process of fixing the problem” and, oh, you’ve been hearing it for the past TWO MONTHS! Stonewalling is a very irritating issue which a website provider can throw at you.


So how do you get your website provider to stop dragging you through the mud?


Don’t just phone in, Send in Emails Too!

When you find uncover a problem on your dealership website, you want to immediately call up your website provider and give them an earful. Do it! However, additionally, you should drop in a mail too, providing details of the problem and the corrective measures you want to add. This makes your problem official and can’t be ignored. You can also refer to the mail later on and point out how long ago it’s been since you first complained of the problem. It’s called proof!



Contact Their Technical Team Directly

Stop talking to the client servicing person and directly skip over to the technical team. Even if you hear a technical explanation with a lot of mumbo-jumbo, you should get them to break it down. If you have to spend half an hour to an hour on the phone, do it. In the end, you should dig hard and get to the bottom of the issue.


Making the Payment

This is the time when you have the greatest leverage. It is important you play your cards right when a dealership website provider calls you to make the monthly payment. Demand that your problems are fixed and only then make the full payment.


Sometimes it is cheaper to stay with your dealership website provider rather than switching to a new one and having your dealership website made from scratch. Try these techniques before you decide to switch providers.


Few Tips:85cbf366957aeba28e00962214c1b736.jpg?t=1


Ask For Weekly reports with these metrics:


- Bounce Ratio, Pages/Per Visit, Average Time etc. 

- SEO scores (Which keywords are you ranking for example: Used cars Miami, 2014 acura, used acura, new acura Miami) This way you can build your content strategy.

- Link building, content analysis, social bookmarking, meta tags, bold/italics, etc. are also key performance indicators.

- Conversion and closing ratio



Grant Gooley
Agreed. All the right things to be asking about. Duplicate content seems to be a hot topic these days. Keeping on top of 3rd party vendors is a very important. It's a living, breathing initiative that takes constant hard work. This post is a great reference. Thanks!
Ali Salman
Thanks for the feedback Grant. We will be doing a case study in June, which I will post here for the community to share and learn.
Chris Halsey
Great article Ali.
Ali Salman
Thank you Chris!
Tarry Shebesta
Well stated Ali.. I see a trend where website providers are trying to include the website into the back-end sales process to make it "easy" to process/work the leads. Your primary focus should be converting shoppers from your website. The best back-end process in the world will not matter if you don't have customers in the sales funnel.

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