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I recently wrote about my new car purchase this summer. I've thought about it some more and decided to break it down into key points, again all very simple ideas, but not always practiced. Just want to get another consumer perspective out there!




I really think the salesperson was the key, although all the elements contributed.


He was friendly, neatly dressed and well spoken.


He knew the product and answered all of our questions.


He applied no pressure to us at any time.


He just talked to us like intelligent human beings.


He made some personal small talk and jokes without being invasive or crude.


He also didn't treat me differently because I am female.


He followed up with requested information when and how he said he would.


He introduced us to other staff and management members who were also very friendly and professional.


In short, I felt his manner was more that of someone working in customer service, rather than someone in sales.


Two days after we bought the car, he sent a hand written personal note thanking us for our business.


I'm glad I bought the car from the dealership. I would gladly make another purchase from them. And, I have also already recommended the dealership to others.


And isn't that the main goal of dealerships? From the consumer perspective, the positive experience came from relatively simple things and may have already led them to additional sales. And, they've got my future business for sure!

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