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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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How to Do Business with Schools Using Mailing Lists

How to Do Business with Schools Using Mailing Lists

There are 130,930 Schools only in America only. Schools are business-friendly and offer a lot of business opportunities for the companies. So the busin…

Google Page Experience Update 

Google Page Experience Update 

Google Page Experience Update  While your car dealerships website generates many leads for you currently, things may soon change. Google cons…

How to Boost your SEO during Corona Times?

How to Boost your SEO during Corona Times?

Search engine optimization is a strategic process of utilizing online content, improving the user experience, and finally implementing technical aids …

Don't Get Caught On the Hamster Wheel With Marketing Fatigue

Don't Get Caught On the Hamster Wheel With Marketing Fatigue

Have you ever sat at your desk with your palm against your forehead, trying to put together the same old marketing you do month after month? You are not al…

Training Produces a Polished, Professional Service Advisor

Training Produces a Polished, Professional Service Advisor

Working at the service desk or being a customer who brings a vehicle in for maintenance, it’s evident when a service advisor doesn’t know w…

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alandra olivia
What Is The Best Content For Your Consumers?

alandra olivia  Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. This can help in many ways. Thanks, Olivia

Carolin Synthia
How to Boost your SEO during Corona Times?

Carolin Synthia  Thank you so much for the information. Your content is very relevant and clear. Much needed one during this pandemic periodHurray!!Name : CarolinSynthiaEmail ID : carrolinsynthia@gmail.comWebsite :

Luka  Watson
Why You Should You Never Compromise with Your Brand Reputation

Luka Watson  I am really happy to say it’s an interesting post to read

Chris Vitale
The GM? Has the Role of the GM Evolved Enough to Meet the Needs On the Dealer Level?

Chris Vitale  Love it and you’re right! Not 100% sure I’m with the all directors structure however as I do see the value in having one person running things and accountable. However the evolution isn’t discussed nor is it apparently “known” or “understood” in many instances. What’s fascinating to me is how many meetings are held today. In a 100 car store, how many “managers” do you really need? How many weekly meetings do you really need? To your point, does the GM need to be involved in everything? It seems to me this slows things down, stunts growth and really is the opposite of what an intelligently structured org with empowered hires in middle management looks like. 

Cliff Koloski
Response Time

Cliff Koloski  I love it. Great article. Time and quality. Makes sense. 

Stan Sher
Don’t Waste Your Advertising Dollars on Social Media

Stan Sher  Great article. You are right on the money. Too many agencies popping up on large and small scales. A lot of smoke in mirrors too. First thing to look for when considering social media services is how well the firm brands themselves. If you do not put out content to be out there then in my mind you will be terrible with doing work for my business.  I believe social media is a must in dealerships. But...and there is a huge but here... It has to become culture. A requirement for hiring someone should be that they are social media friendly. The content that can be created in-house or by working with a local agency that has powerhouse tools to assist the business in being successful is what will go a long way.  Also, dealers that have cool inventory that consists of rare vehicles will always have more traction. Sure, some ad spend needs to happen but I would not go crazy overspending. Facebook leads are not always the greatest. Ever try to sell something on marketplace? Think of how ridiculous the offers come. I would gauge to see how well the ads work and increase or decrease based on success levels.  Organic content goes a very long way once the followers are built. The followers are built on the ads. 

Derrick Woolfson
Do You Label Your Lead Forms?

Derrick Woolfson  Thanks Adam! Nice, I have heard a lot of good things about Shift Digital. I always find it interesting when we see higher set/show/sold rates depending on the forms the customers filled out. 

Melissa Maldonado
How to Build a Team-Oriented Culture

Melissa Maldonado  Thank you Derrick for the great feedback! I have seen some dealers take very innovative approaches to change the traditional styles of pay plans that have increased employee morale and retention.  A happy employee = a happy customer!

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