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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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COVID-19 Impact: Catastrophizing or Optimizing?

COVID-19 Impact: Catastrophizing or Optimizing?

It has been 20 days since the world as we knew it was pulled out from underneath us. So many devastating things are happening to people I know and care…

Slippery Synthetic Fraud Increasingly Occurring in Dealerships

Slippery Synthetic Fraud Increasingly Occurring in Dealerships

The harsh reality of the crime known as synthetic identity fraud threatening auto dealerships is how damaging it can be if these  fraudsters are succe…

Working Virtually – Dealership Best Practices

Working Virtually – Dealership Best Practices

The COVID-19 outbreak is forcing us all to rethink how we as individuals work and how we can best manage the performance and productivity of our employees.…

MDP 040 | Some Good News: Selling during COVID-19 - The CARES ACT

MDP 040 | Some Good News: Selling during COVID-19 - The CARES ACT

#covid19 #tigerkingmemes #somegoodnews #CARESACT   Join David & David talking about Tiger King Memes, The CARES ACT - Digital First Sales Mo…

Implementing New Tools in Fixed Ops

Implementing New Tools in Fixed Ops

    We spoke to Brandon Nixon, National Sales Director at Update Promise, to talk about implementing new tools in Fixed Ops and how you…

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Martins Ville
COVID-19 Impact: Catastrophizing or Optimizing?

Martins Ville  Definitely a good time for dealerships to think about why they need 14 sales managers for a sales staff of 15. When the guys on the sales floor close the deals but the sales managers reap the big money awards with the bonuses now's a good time for dealerships to think about why they need 14 sales managers for a sales staff of 15. when your sales staff comes in in the winter time after shoveling 565 cars for 7 hours dripping in sweat, as the sales people watch the sales manager finish spending his final dollar in his bonus spiff on the OEM website, that was a real good time for you guys to realize your essential workers are the ones that have made you all the money. Although you may have the brains you apparently didn't have the notions enough to do it yourself That's why you hired a Salesforce. Time to pay your sales people, or you lose your dealership.

Carol Marshall
Your BDC Can Work From Home

Carol Marshall  Your point about daily touch points is so key!  Our teams are on video with each other at a minimum once a day. With how quickly things are changing there is always something to communicate. But more importantly, that face to face to let the team know you see them, they are heard and valued, provides to them what they need to provide the highest level of service to your shoppers.  When your team is used to seeing and interacting every day keeping that video connection really supports them. We have had fun making the transition and it has translated into results for our clients.  Thanks for the great post! 

Brent Williams
Managing Remotely: the Daily Check-in

Brent Williams  Great article Jason, but dealers could have all the tools in one product with Snapcell. as we specialist only in the car business, you can now make your traditional walkaround videos and create those important upsell videos for the service lanes but we are also the only platform that streams live to customers via the app / desktop and there website with the ability to create standalone videos as well Nothing for the customers to download (Crucial)

R. J. James
It's Time to Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way

R. J. James  Sean... GREAT article and in my best Emeril Lagasse voice, I say "BAM!!!"

R. J. James
Managing Your Team Remotely: Managing Activities, Not Results.

R. J. James  Jason... THANKS for these insights on employees working remotely.  This will be a REALITY for many dealerships.  Hopefully, they think, plan, and act in time! FYI... Today, I spoke with a friend who is the IT Director for a medium-size hospital group.  She said Friday afternoon, she got an email to prepare for 400 workers to work from home.  Then Sunday, she got another email saying it will be 700 workers that will be working from home.  So now her Team has to get 700 laptops loaded with software, communication tools, and individualized SECURITY-ACCESS  programs in 2 Days. That 700 Employees "Working-from-Home" surge was a HERCULEAN Challenge on top of the usual IT-Support demands.  She is also struggling to get IT-Technicians to respond to Service Calls on equipment in hospital rooms that already have Covid-19 patients in them. My fear is that this Covid-19 Pandemic may chute-down more car dealerships than the 2009 Recession.

Martins Ville
ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION - Selling Cars During Social Distancing

Martins Ville  I hope everyone remains healthy, it's truly a time of great trepidation. Heavy hearts are everywhere and close to home. We'll get through this and be stronger than ever. However... A local dealership has a banner ad on their website presenting a buy online option, fine print, Just give us a call. (The ad came on during this situation.) When you click the hero banner ad it takes you to a simple form. The auto reply asked me to get in touch with the people there, what am I looking for, in various fonts and sizes too (?) but nowhere was anything about buying online notated. I thought it was kind of a fail and wanted to bring that up. They had me click the ad and fill up the form and wait to get the email. I still haven't started buying a car online yet. If you don't have a buy online process in place, like a literal prices to buy online where it's pretty much automated maybe we AI, then I would never offer anything like that. cuz you really can't deliver on what you're selling. And what you're selling is the convenience of buying online, like on Amazon. If instead what you're telling people to do, is you can look at vehicles online, and if you find the one you like, then we can start the credit application show your payment options - and if you like what we present, You can set up delivery to your house, and we'll get all the paperwork signed. And I think that's a great option to have. But you got to explain to people how the process works. Not send them to a form, reply with a time wasting email and then not get the process started. You need to create a visual experience. Show them the way with a slideshow or a whiteboard animation or a short video taking the customer through the process as explained in the previous paragraph, with graphics. You don't need to hire an outside agency to do this. So the takeaway is that you can offer an online experience, but dumping them on an SRP, or in a form, isn't too exciting. 

Morgan Hardy
‘Buy From Home’ Works for Sales, But What About Service?

Morgan Hardy  I think service departments should consider pick-up service where they pick-up the customers car and then return it to them. 

Ujj Nath
Create an Emotional Connection with Customers Using Video and SMS

Ujj Nath  We have doubled CP$ for Dealerships with our Service Cart product (a-la Amazon shopping cart) for repair recommendations that include videos and pictures and are delivered to the Guest via Text.  Completely agree with your thesis. Thanks for writing. Great Stuff!

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