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Why Use Facebook to Generate More Leads for your Auto Dealership?

The traditional process of car advertisement has always been through Television and Newspaper. Now, things have changed. More people are accessing to car information online before deciding to purchase one. Car dealers are now investing more time on social media promotions. Some recent studies have showed that almost 70% of car buyers believe that internet research, including social media channels and review sites are much helpful when selecting a car lender for auto financing and car dealers.

People searching for car dealers are also actively using Facebook and this is why it is a potential platform to grab more leads.

Why Use Facebook for your car dealership?

With almost 90% users logging in to Facebook, it won’t be exaggerated to say that your real consumers are there.  It is one of the most effective social media platforms for auto dealers. important-platform-for-marketsr-May-2014.png


Hence, if you’re not using Facebook for your car dealership, you’re losing out on massive auto leads that can transform into sales.

In this post, you will learn 3 Facebook marketing strategies that will help you bag more leads for your car dealership.

Facebook Marketplace:

As the term suggests it’s an open market place where both the sellers and buyers can meet for the sole purpose of buying and selling items ranging from TV, clothes, cars to real estate. When you post your advertisements, interested people can contact you through Facebook Messenger.

You can enlist your automotive brands for free. You can post cars and other details based on the region you want to target and choose category to get your items more specified to the search intent. Your prospective buyers can find your cars based on price, mileage and location. You can keep track of your past and current transaction report on Items section.

Facebook lead Ads:

Getting your hands on quality leads from your own website could be challenging and time-taking. Using Facebook lead Ads will help you generate lots of subprime auto leads. Facebook Lead Ads offers prefilled forms where the users need to share their information such as emails, name, age, phone number etc. Auto dealers can use this information to proceed to the next step of a purchase cycle. This process also reduces bounce rate from the dealer’s website as the users don’t need to switch to the website to fill up the form. It’s an amazing way to get real leads for your automotive business.

Facebook Community:

Your potential buyers are mostly active on Facebook. The best place to get in touch with them is joining in relevant Facebook communities where you can connect with the prospects and sell more cars. There are thousands of Facebook pages and all you just need to do is to find the right group for your business. Conduct proper research to find out the page relevant to your business location and category. Post images and brand stories including discounts, price and other details to get your group members see them and respond.


Facebook can be your best friend in sourcing out more potential leads. However, an auto lead generation company like Auto Lead Pro knows how to set the right strategy to target more specifically on Facebook. In order to generate more auto finance leads for your dealership business, visit-

Amanda Gordon

We have been extremely successful with Marketplace and ads. Great info, thank you.

Dave Page

Great read! Absolutely agree. 

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