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DrivingSales Announces Results of Most Valuable Insight Award

 Insights on digital retailing, predictive analytics, millennial buyers, and marketing insights competed onstage at the DrivingSales Presidents Club event in New York City in April

Salt Lake City, UT – May 8, 2019 – DrivingSales today announced the results of the 2019 DrivingSales Most Valuable Insight Competition, which was created to foster the spirit of progress and thought leadership in the auto industry.  Finalists were asked to provide an insight that would provide significant value to dealership executives.  They were selected from a competitive field of submissions by a dealer board. Each finalist competed onstage at the 2019 DrivingSales Presidents Club event, held at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, April 15-16, 2019.

“There are so many creative innovators in our industry that we wanted to provide a special forum for uncovering insights that can create significant change and benefit, but that are often overlooked or unheralded,” said DrivingSales Founder and CEO Jared Hamilton. “This is our chance to hear from the deep thinkers among us – those who have an intuitive understanding of the automotive industry and who are constantly seeking to improve it. We congratulate the finalists, each of whose insights – whether on mobile or millennials or marketing metrics - will provide immediate value not only to the executives attending the Presidents Club, but to all dealership leaders on the look-out for smart ways to improve their operations.”

The 2019 DrivingSales Most Valuable Insight results are:


Winner, Most Valuable Insight: “Purchase Demand Index” by Experian Automotive.

Finalist: “Digital Retailing and the Crucial ‘Can I Afford It?’ Moment” by Dealer Inspire

Finalist: “Quiet the Assault and Keep the Customer You Paid For” by LiveMarketing

Finalist: “Keeping Sales Agents with Customers Increases CSI and Saves You Money” by Roadster

Finalist: “The Third Party Influence on Your First Party Traffic” presented by


Each finalist presented their insight onstage at the DrivingSales Presidents Club event. A panel of dealer judges scored each presentation.  The 2019 Most Valuable Insight will be presented in more detail at the 2019 DrivingSales Executive Summit held in October in Las Vegas.

The Most Valuable Insight Competition is part of a high-level line-up at the DrivingSales Presidents Club, an intimate and collaborative event. The event is designed to help an elite audience of dealership principals and general managers build the strategies they need to adapt to a changing automotive retail market – and to lead it. The event focuses on the three foundational elements of successful dealership operations – Capital, Brand and People.

Visit for more information and to register for the event.

For more information about the DrivingSales Most Valuable Insight Competition, go to

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