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Emotional Labor: Why Your Dealership Should Recognize Its Impact

I've always called it passion.

Its the way a salesperson interacts with a guest and not what they say.

Its transferring their enthusiasm to their customers and explaining their knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Seth Godin calls it Emotional Labor.

Every salesperson should read Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin.

I don't want this to sound like a book report but he writes about a topic that transfers perfectly to car sales.

Seth defines Emotional Labor this way:

"'s work you do with your feeling, not your body."

Car Dealership Sales Motivation Inspiration

He states that emotional labor is what differentiates an artist from a painter.

In most occupations this emotional labor won't translate to a higher income.

It just makes a person indispensable.

But sales is different.

In sales its essential.

I've met salespeople that know the product better than the engineers that designed it.

I've met salespeople that could quote every script in the dealership's sales process.


But can they sell cars? 

Without this emotional labor, no.

How does a salesperson develop emotional labor?

Here are some tips:

1. Treat your job as a career. How many of us are selling cars until something better comes along? Customers can sense that. Are you in or out?

2. Care. Don't treat the customer like a pork chop. Every guest that comes in has a problem. That's why they are at your store. Find out what that problem is and help them solve it. The money will come when the customer feels you have their best interest in mind.

3. Believe in what you sell. Zig Ziglar tells a great story about a friend that sold pots and pans. His friend was struggling and couldn't figure out why. Zig asked him if he owned a set of the pots and pans and his friend said he didn't. They were too expensive. Zig then asked what his friend said when customers told him they were too expensive. Point made. His friend bought a set of pots and pans and his sales increased. He believed in what he sold. Now I'm not suggesting you all go out and buy a new car, but you must believe you have the best product, process, and dealership if you want to succeed.

4.  Smile and relax. This business can be tough. Most salespeople hear three "no's" for every one "yes". There is no safety net. Hero one day and zero the next. But you have to smile. Customers can sense your tension. Be grateful you aren't digging ditches. I know these are all warm and fuzzy tips and none of them are concrete tasks you can complete and measure. But thats just the point.  Look around your dealership and see who is selling cars. Chances are they have passion and emotional labor.



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