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The Clock is Ticking

This is a guest blog by Mark Tewart, President of Tewart Enterprises.

Mark is speaking at DSES in a breakout titled, Eliminating Time Vampires that Kill Productivity and Profits.

Can you hear it?


“Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.”

Time stops for no one. Time keeps elapsing and as the clock moves forward, the question for you is, are you moving forward? You cannot add or delete time, but you can decide to invest in your time or simply spend your time. It’s your choice.

The average life expectancy of a male in the US is just shy of 79 years. That is equal to 948 months, 28,835 days or 692,040 hours. Many of those months, days and hours may have passed. Do not take for granted what is left.

Enjoy each hour as a gift. Most of the trials and tribulations you are going through are miniscule in the scheme of things. What you may consider serious may not be so serious. Be passionate and purposeful. Don’t waste your precious time in ways that do not support you, grow you or make you happy. Live life the way you wish rather than for what others wish for you.

Do not be afraid to take risks or endeavor to live the life you desire. After all, when you consider the time and scheme of your life, how much risk is it really and how much time are you wasting without truly living your life. Live without limits and die without asking for a second chance.

Although not every minute, hour or day will be enjoyable, it is simply part of the journey. Stop beating yourself up about what you have not done and concentrate on what you will do.

Those hours spent not invested wisely are gone. Consider your future like a bank account. You must make deposits today to make a withdrawal tomorrow. If you are not happy with where you are, that is okay and it may provide motivation through pain to move you forward.  However, realize that wherever you are, is not only not bad, it is perfect. It is perfect because it is where you should be in this moment as you move toward where you want to go.

Once again, this is a journey and no two people share the same journey. It is worthless to compare your journey to someone else’s. Your journey is your masterpiece and only you can paint it. Not all the strokes will be perfect and it is the imperfection that makes it perfect.

Don’t whine about where you are now. Invest your time with actions to change the journey. Every day that I drop my son Jake off at school I tell him “Think big, live large and you are in charge.” Don’t let anyone define big for you. Just because others can’t see your vision does not mean you have to be blind. Just because others will not allow the thoughts, actions, habits and success that you will allow does not mean they have the right to take all of those things from you.

Living large for you can be enjoying the small things others don’t take the time to enjoy. You decide what large means to you but it surely does not mean you have to limit your definition of large. Being in charge means you choose your thoughts, actions, habits, goals and life. You are not a victim and things do not simply happen to you but because of you. Everything is based upon your choices in your time and how you spend or invest that time.

I vividly remember my father in his last moments of life saying that he had never bought a new car. At the end of good man’s life, he was focusing if even for a fleeting moment, not on what he had done, but on what he had not. It reminds of a song by a band by the name of The Georgia Satellites called, “Another Chance.” The song has a great line, “I don’t want to die asking for another chance!” The clock is ticking.

“Tick-tock, Tick-tock, Tick-tock.”

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