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Marketing Spotlight: What The Hell Are You Talking About?

Listen, it’s no secret that as a whole our attention spans are shrinking at an alarming rate, right? 

I mean hasn’t technology and an instant gratification mindset created a world full of monsters?  I know I’ve lost a customer’s attention to their cell phone on more than one occasion.

Maybe that’s true, maybe humans are doomed to devolve into twitching, slobbering monkeys permanently attached to remote controls, cell phones, and 3D glasses…

That is certainly a possibility.

On the other hand, maybe you’re just boring…

Okay, so shock value aside, really think about it for a second.  In your experience, have you ever been so interested in a book, or a conversation (or a video game or something) and completely lost track of time? 

Of course you have, time flies when you’re having fun right?  Because you’re focused on it.

So, do you think it would benefit your marketing if you could put a message out there that captivated your audience and held their interest?

Would you like to know how?

Imagine you have a stage and a spotlight.  On that stage is you, your product, and your customer (and their wants and needs) and you can only focus the spotlight on one of the three.  

Where do you think the spotlight should focus?

Logically we all want to say the focus should be on the customer and their wants and needs, after all we DO train salespeople that way don’t we?  Focus on the benefit, the 20% of the features they actually care about, etc…

But much like that one sales guy who just can’t stop blabbing about what HE likes about the vehicle, where does your current marketing effort actually point the spotlight?  Do your ads talk about how long you have been in business?  How low YOUR prices are?  Do they focus on the product and the awards it’s won?

Yes the customer wants a low price on a great vehicle, but they are never going to pay attention long enough to find out your offer if you don’t engage them right away.  (I know it’s easier said than done, I love talking about myself too, but so does the customer and that’s who we’re after right?)

Let’s use the comment section to brainstorm some ways we can move the spotlight of our advertising towards the customer…

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