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Coaching versus Consulting

Recently, I reached out to top performing Dealer Groups about ReThinkU Performance Coaching.  While there are a few who understand what Performance Coaching is, more are under the assumption that consulting and coaching are one of the same when in reality, they are vastly different.  I can understand this because I wasn't clear at first either.  And considering that there are consultants masking themselves as coaches doesn't help with bringing clarity to the situation. 


One isn't necessarily better than the other.  Both are services our industry needs.  But it is important to have clarity on what you're investing in.  For a clear understanding on the main differences, this Forbes article seems to paint the best picture. 


They summarize 13 key differences:


1. Truth vs Execution

2. Instruction vs Guidance

3. Building Capacity vs Solving a Problem

4. Outside Expertise or Internally-Driven Growth

5. Exploring vs Providing Possibilities

6. "You Know" vs "I Know"

7. Guidance vs Authority

8. Recommendation vs Exploration

9. Asking Questions vs Providing Solutions

10. Different Approach With The Same Intent

11. Focus On Problem or On Client

12. Advice vs Empowerment

13. Difference Lies In Who The Expert Is


You got this!



R. J. James

Brandin... THANKS, I enjoyed that Forbes article.  As one who has played multiple roles (Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Inspector, etc.) on a number of OME projects, the article really resonated with me. Often my toughest work was helping the dealership decide and accept which one they needed.

Some of my most rewarding professional and personal experiences have been earning/gaining the TRUST of the dealership and transitioning from that Consultant role to the Coach (Trusted Adviser) role.  

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