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For many car dealers their name and brand awareness is very strong in their local community and close surrounding towns. When I meet with Internet sales managers to discuss their Automotive SEO strategies the conversation always seem to turn to marketing outside their official PMA. They ask how SEO can be used to attract web traffic for consumers who search for "towns" in or near their major competitors. (translation: How do I surround the wagons? )

With car sales and net revenue sharply down, dealers are looking for ways to increase their marketing reach into and around their competitors PMA. This conversation has some gray areas because there are some brand rules about traditional marketing channels. There are emerging rules for Internet marketing but all are not very effective or smart.

In high density areas of the country it gets even sillier because in a 20 mile radius there can be three dealerships competing for the same local eyeballs. In California for example, Irvine BMW and Shelly BMW are just 20 miles apart. When consumers have many local choices for one brand, how do you control Automotive SEO to a PMA? You can't and that is why controlling localized SEO is practically impossible.

Car manufacturers are scrambling to set rules but for every rule they make, there are large dealerships that break the rule. Internet marketing rules are often unenforceable. So while Automotive SEO tactics are somewhat unregulated, here is a proven strategy, in this first article in the series, that can help expand your awareness in a larger marketing radius.

Leveraging Client Testimonials

In California, Glendale Infiniti and Infiniti of Santa Monica are close in proximity and rivals. Infiniti of Santa Monica has hundreds of customers over the years that live near Glendale but purchased in Santa Monica. There is not an Infiniti dealership in West Hollywood and this town sits in between these two competitors. The demographic is perfect for a foreign performance car like the Infiniti brand.

Knowing how Google organic indexing works, a clever dealer could create a page on their blog or dealer site with a customer testimonial (300-400 words) for towns near Glendale where they have customers. When they create the page, they could use an HTML structure like what is shown below. Keep in mind that the META keyword tag is not really used by Google.

Automotiove SEO - Web Page Design

Title: West Hollywood Infiniti Car Owners Rewarded

META Description: West Hollywood Infiniti car owners drive to Santa Monica for great car prices and excellent Infiniti service. West Hollywood Infiniti owners deserve the very best Infiniti car service in Los Angeles County.

META Keywords: West Hollywood Infiniti cars, West Hollywood California Infiniti prices, West Hollywood Infiniti car dealer, West Hollywood Infinity, West Hollywood Infiniti, West Hollywood Infiniti service, West Hollywood Infiniti parts

HTML page name:

The page content should contain the testimonials of customers from West Hollywood and of course some other stock information about West Hollywood to complete the page.

It Works - See For Yourself

For examples that demonstrate this technique in action, you can search Google for:

  • Inglewood Infiniti
  • Sherman Oaks Infiniti
  • Burbank Infiniti

which are other towns in the LA area and you will see that Infiniti of Santa Monica is #1 or #2 in organic search for these town names. This goes for many of the surrounding town in LA County.

For aggressive Internet marketing clients, we have created a software program to create static optimized web pages for every town in their surrounding communities. For non automotive clients, we have created a page for every town in their state. There are some design issues to avoid the pages from becoming too identical but we have found ways to make it easy for the pages to exist.

Learn From the Best

This web page architecture is the same that many major car lead collector websites use. They often create a page for every town in the USA and a page for every car brand. Here are example pages from and that are in the Google Index when searching for a G37 in Massachusetts: -

You can see how they have created a directory structures for brand, model and towns in the USA. If this model works for them it will also work for any car dealer; big or small. Employing localized web page push-outs we have clients that are on Google Page One for every town in a 100 mile radius.

Are You Ready to Dominate Local Search?

Food for thought....are you ready to dominate your PMA and beyond?

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