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If you are actively writing on the Internet to promote your car dealership, let me suggest another way to measure the effectiveness of your work. This measurement tools can provide real-time feedback to which of your online efforts is generating the most visitor traffic to your website.

Car dealers have Google Analytics or a similar package in place to track inbound traffic, page views and the referring URL's. Reading through the "referrer URL" report each day and matching these cryptic URL's with specific posts you are making on the Internet is practically impossible.

Google Analytics provides a way to click on a referring URL and see what the article was, but that is very time consuming. Now image active Internet sales Managers or dealerships that are posting dozens of posts a month directly or through a consultant.

Tracking The ROI of Your Web Time

Finding which websites are linking to your website from post hyperlinks is easy. The real question is what posts or topics brought the most traffic. Did you hit any "nerves" with consumers with an article that drove more traffic to your website than others in past? Did one type of car or one price point bring you the most traffic on Craigslist? Did your parts managers reply to someone on a car forum drive more traffic to your parts website?

I have discussed in the past that good content is very important for search engine optimization and so are the potential inbound links and traffic that good content can generate. This content can be on your own website or blog but it also can be on outside blogs and content aggregator websites.

So how do you try to equate your work posting on consumer forums, car forums or on your own blogs to specific traffic? For this I would suggest testing . This service converts your cryptic URL to a simple URL that you can add to any website post. You label the budurl in your account control panel so that you can remember the topic of the post. Then you can log into your account see how many people clicked on that link.

Links to Ford Dealer Specials Pages

For example, if you make a post on a community automotive forum to tell people about the specials your dealership was offering, the actually page link you would normally post would be something like this:

You would replace this with a budurl that would look like this:

If you click on both URL's you will see that they take you to the same webpage. The trick is that you can now log into your budurl account and see how many people clicked on your link. If you label your budurl's carefully, you can create an instant dashboard of activity that updates in real-time. So, if one type of post or headline generates 3 times the traffic of other posts, this data can help prioritize future content development.

Using BudURL For Real-time tracking of posts

You can also use budurl for LIVE tracking on specials or promotions you add on your homepage. The possibilities are endless and the real-time stats can make testing different landing pages or promotional pages easy. There are third party statistics packages that offer similar features but I like the simplicity of this system. Anyone can easily setup a BudURL and turn themselves into an Internet marketing maven with real data for tracking the ROI of their efforts.

Automotive SEO Ideas

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