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4 Reasons to Improve CRM Utilization in 2017

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6 more reasons why we MUST move Techs to $40 to $50 an hour soon

6 more reasons why we MUST move Techs to $40 to $50 an hour soon

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Auto/Mate Names Patrick Reilly as New Head of Marketing

Auto/Mate Names Patrick Reilly as New Head of Marketing

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Top Blogs November 2016

Top Blogs November 2016

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Join The Largest Automotive SEO Study

Automotive SEO StudyI would like to encourage employees of car dealerships who want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization to join a historic study sponsored by PCG Digital Marketing and

The Automotive SEO Study will take 100 car dealership employees through a 16 week SEO curriculum.  There is no cost associated with participating in the study but members will need to commit to 4 hours of work a week.

Depending on the dealership, they should expect to spend approximately $100 in various setup fees to setup a WordPress blogs, buy a domain, etc.

Whitepaper To Be Published

The results of the Automotive SEO Study will be published and presented at the 2011 NADA Convention in San Francisco.  We expect to have a good diversity of website platforms represented as well as OEM brands. The initial registrations are strong so many dealers have embraced the study with open arms.  

I expect the Automotive SEO Study to be full by Friday August 20th.  It is important that members of DrivingSales respond this week.  On Wednesday, August 18th there will be an orientation webinar from 11:00 - 1:00 pm.  Details are on the official study website:

If you or someone from your dealership plans to participate, then should also attend the webinar.

Ideal For Hands-On Digital Marketers

The study will walk dealership employees through a easy to follow curriculum which will assist members of this community to build a strong SEO strategy for their dealership.  Study members will be building valuable links to their dealership websites.  They will be learning strategies and tools to build powerful offsite content networks.

The study will document the baseline SEO data for each of the 100 dealerships and then show the accomplishments their staff achieve over a 16 week period.  Members will be ending the study with more knowledge and skills to continue their work independently.

The study will also be a case study that will show the benefits of SEO as part of a car dealership's digital marketing strategy.  We will also be making note of individual car dealers that have achieved outstanding results based on their work in the study.

Are You In?

This will be an exciting project and I hope you will consider participating.  I will be teaching the courses so if you have enjoyed my columns in the past, spread the word.  You can email members of your 20 Groups to join as well.

The study members just have to be currently working at a dealership and have permission to create content and blog posts on behalf of the dealership. If you have questions, contact me.


Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Digital Marketing

Michael Kinney
Brian, I'm in. Don't know if you can use me since I'm already a client of yours, but if I can help, I will

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