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Selling Cars on Facebook Marketplace

Automotive Advertising With Facebook Marketplace Using Oodle

Facebook has started a push to attract car dealers into their Facebook Marketplace which is powered by Oodle. The image shown above was part of an email solicitation campaign that reach one of my dealer clients to offer their automotive advertising package.

According to the Facebook marketing website, your subscription with Oodle Pro will display your cars on Facebook as well as a number of other websites in the Oodle network.  Do you think that Facebook could create a competitive automotive marketplace challenge to and


The Facebook Marketplace Pitch

Here are some excerpts from the Facebook Marketplace website:

  • Showcase vehicle inventory on Facebook Marketplace. Your listings get top placement in search results on Facebook Marketplace and across the Oodle network to maximize exposure.
  • Open your dealership to millions of potential buyers across Facebook Marketplace and the Oodle Network. Reach local audiences and millions of prospective buyers. Access to more than 500 million people on Facebook Marketplace.
  • With Oodle Pro, one service automatically lets you post to over 250 sites including: Oodle, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace Classifieds, and more. Manage all of your listings in one place, making it easy to stay on top of your business – no more need to post your listings on website after website.
  • No social media experience needed — a simple, easy to use setup, gets you up and running quickly, and makes it easy to begin reaching millions of people right away. Hassle-free product support, detailed help topics, and feature-specific tutorials give you all the support you'll need to be successful.

If anyone has been using the Facebook Marketplace for their car inventory, please share your results. I am familiar with the Oodle network outside of Facebook but not their ability to market cars within Facebook. I was also a bit suspicious that they are hawking this service to advertising car inventory on Twitter and MySpace, which qualify for "Weak Ideas of the Week".

Shopping For a Car on Facebook

Once you reach Facebook Marketplace, you can click on Cars in the top navigation as shown below which pops up a box to help you narrow down your search criteria.
Facebook Car Shopping Interface
Once you click on "submit" you will see a listing of cars for sale, not unlike any other automotive advertising portal. So I clicked on a 2007 Chevy Cobalt that appeared in my list, and this is the Vehicle Detail Page I was presented.
Facebook Vehicle Detail Page
I wanted to experience how I would communicate with the seller so I clicked on the RESPOND button at the top of the listing and I had to give Facebook Marketplace access to my profile. This is where things started to go off the tracks for me. Recently I accepted an App that wreaked havoc on my friends so we have to assume the Marketplace will not abuse this access.
Facebook Marketplace Permissions
Once I granted permission to access my profile, a message box appeared which will allow me to contact the seller as shown below:
Facebook Marketplace Communication Forms

Car Dealer Inventory on Facebook

I decided to look at car dealer listings that appeared for my search and Sheehy Ford of Springfield appeared in the list. The car did not have any photos and in fact, all the dealers that I saw on the first few pages had photos missing. Here is what the Vehicle Detail Page looked like:

Facebook Vehicle Detail page in Marketplace

This is one ugly Vehicle Detail Page in my opinion. Since I gave access to my profile, the form at the bottom of the page to contact the dealer is pre-filled with some bacsic information from my profile.

How Much Does it Cost?

As you can see from the pricing chart below, you can list up to 500 cars a month for $499 if you go month to month. If you want to syndicate more than 500 cars, you need to request special pricing.
Car Dealer Advertising Costs on Facebook Marketplace

What Do You Think?

So what do you think about Facebook Marketplace for automotive advertising?

The Marketplace application was very slow from my computer so I would like some feedback is speed was also an issue from your PC.

Our recent survey of automotive shoppers indicated that "ease of use" of the shopping interface was the most important factor in selecting a website to shop for a car.  This current version falls short in my opinion of creating a positive shopping experience.  What do you think?

JD Rucker
We looked at Marketplace several months ago and were turned off by it. Can it be effective in the future? Certainly! We'll keep monitoring, but right now there are better ways to spend that money.
Larry Bruce
Agreed JD, we too have looked facebook market place. They are on to something if they will stick with it and understand how to leverage the community instead of trying to leverage information about the community. Time will tell if facebook can become a web marketer and a social platform drawing the right lines between the two. In company the size of facebook now ad exponential growth you get a high speed wobble and good ideas tend to not get the resources they need to succeed.
Arnold Tijerina
As a previous employee of a company that sells this service and having sold this service for said company, here are my thoughts. Facebook Marketplace has the POTENTIAL to compete with any portal out there. With 500 million users and rising, it "could" demolish competing sites if it can convince users to utilize it. The problem is that FB Marketplace hasn't really been that visible to users. You have to search for it and then basically add it to your profile as an app. Just as Brian was leery of authorizing it to pull his information, so will many others be. I can assure you that is is safe, however, as it is an official Facebook program. Having seen data from clients that I sold it to, it really wasn't doing much for them. The product we sold was the "premium" version which got your vehicles highlighted and shown at the top of the search results. Here were the issues that I saw: It frequently seemed to get "trumped" by third-party sites like in search results. seems to have permeated FB Marketplace. Go search for any make/model and you'll see a ton of listings at the top of the search results that were placed there via ECL. It didn't get a lot of views and barely any leads were generated. It have NEVER seen a FB Marketplace listing show up in any search results although I HAVE seen Oodle-posted listings on other sites show up. My guess is that, being an app, it's not going to be indexed. If FB changes this somehow so that it gets indexed, it could get you GREAT SEO benefits seeing as how highly ranked FB links seem to be. (I'm no SEO expert, however. This is just my observation on what I've seen.) It is slow and unwieldy to use If you were a dealership that wanted your inventory on as many sites as possible, Oodle was certainly a very inexpensive way to achieve this. I believe Brian would say this practice is counterproductive but for exposure and simplicity, it is great. If you don't get any leads, however, what's the point really. As for the pricing, as recently as last month, Oodle's premium service through my last employer was only $500/mo for unlimited inventory listings. I don't know how FB's new "direct-sell" method effects Oodle's offerings, however, as FB was not selling subscriptions to its Marketplace directly before. It was only available through Oodle. As for Brian's observation on the "look" of the actual vehicle page, that's entirely dependent on the quality of the information provided by the dealer (comments and photos) and the service used to send your inventory to Oodle. There are many examples of great looking vehicle pages on FB Marketplace with templates, similar vehicles, Carfax reports and multiple conversion forms. Facebook Marketplace definitely has potential but it's not there yet.
Stacy Mueller
A nice read, Brian. I think it's definitely a product to keep an eye on going forward but as the others have mentioned, it's something that still needs to evolve.
Mike Fitzpatrick
Very interesting with all of the information that Facebook has about it's users it is very difficult for them to use it yet. As mentioned by everyone here it will need to evolve over time to succeed and I would hope that the folks at Facebook finally get that. With a few "privacy" blunders behind them they will have to slowly move the line for the masses to accept the true concept of web 3.0. Just like you Brian I balk every time that "Request for Permission" to share your information comes up. Yet the more times that I compromise and just press the "Allow" button the easier it gets and I am sure that is the case with most users. My prediction: Come Christmas time this year Facebook will get more bold and start putting Marketplace ads that are eerily relevant to your wants and needs on your wall (remember application tabs are going away very soon and there will be a new layout just in time for the holidays). Then as we all become more comfortable a little at a time it will become very common to see ads based on our "likes" AND wall conversations etc. So once again as everybody has said it is just a matter of time. The question now is; will it be six months, a year or more before we are all conditioned to accept these practices as consumers? Definitely worth watching closely to determine the best time to jump in and start selling cars. If they are successful at making this transition there will be a sweet spot where the cost vs. return should be great, right before the price goes through the roof.

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