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Creating a 2011 Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing conferencePCG is hosting an industry conference in the Napa Valley on February 1-3, 2011 which is conveniently timed to precede the 2011 NADA Convention.  The workshop leaders and speakers are all working with a common goal: help dealers create a powerful digital marketing strategy for 2011.

The process of crrafting your 2011 Digital Marketing Strategy should be starting now. I was wondering how many members have a written digital marketing strategy for 2011.   If you have one, consider sharing it with this community.

You may be asking, what should this strategy look like?  For starters, it should list all your current expenses for digital and traditional advertising. 

Next to each item you should be indicating how you will be measuring, inspecting, and adjusting that investment for a better return.  For many dealers, some of these expenses have been on auto-pilot for years.

Then you should be listing new strategies that have not yet been tested.  These items should have estimated budgets and details on how success will be measured.  Some newer ideas may include:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Digital Radio Stations like Pandora
  • Google Places Sponsored Ads
  • Content and Inventory Snydication
  • Craigslist
  • Video Optimization
  • Microsites

Then a discussion can start about funding new strategies and eliminating investments that no longer have a strong ROI.  The most important part of this process is to make sure that all spending has a purpose and a strategy.  Paying for something because your competitor is using the "shiny object" is not a strategy.

There are many more details to outlining your 2011 Digital Marketing Strategy. I invite you to start the dialogue here on this post.  What questions do you have that industry peers can answer?  What is working well for you that you can share openly to help the members of this community?

Let's get the conversation stated.

2011 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference


Also, if you would like to collaborate with some of the brighest minds in digital marketing, look into attending the conference. Details on the conference can be found at:

Workshop leaders include Alex Snyder, Gary May, Glenn Pasch, Brian Pasch, Matt Murray, and Christine Rochelle.  Speakers include Sean Wolfington, Jared Hamilton, and JD Rucker.

The conference ends on Friday February 4th and attendees will be taken to San Francisco on Friday morning to the Convention Center  so they won't miss a single event.

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