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Best Selling Author Bob Burg To Challenge Boot Camp Attendees

Bob Burg Endless ReferralsWhen Bob Burg, coauthor of The International Phenomenon, “The Go-Giver” speaks of giving, he’s talking about constantly and consistently providing value to others, and touching lots of lives with that exceptional value.

In fact, that’s the only way one can make money in a free-enterprise based society. Thus, shifting your focus from “getting to giving” is not only a nice way to do business, but a very financially profitable way, as well.

PCG Digital Marketing is proud to announce that Bob Burg will be delivering the Keynote address on Sunday April 17th at the Automotive Marketing Boot Camp.

Bob's message:

"A Counter-intuitive Way To Obtain High-Quality Referrals"

Spend the morning with Bob you’ll learn how to genuinely and authentically accelerate your ability to connect with new people and build the trust that is essential in life and business!

In fact, Bob’s mantra is:All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those automotive dealers they know, like and trust.

During this powerful morning program you will learn the philosophy at the heart of The Go-Giver, embraced by so many of today’s top producers and leaders.

You’ll learn how to quickly and easily build a prospecting and referral “Machine” to continuously create more sales than you ever dreamed possible! You will also learn the philosophy at the heart of The Go-Giver embraced by so many of today’s top producers and leaders, including the principle behind The Law of Influence – perhaps the biggest factor of all in terms of success.

In this information-packed morning session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Quickly cultivate new prospects — whether or not you have ANY existing contacts
  • Dramatically increase your business without spending more time or money
  • Instantly connect via the “One Key Question” that will set you apart from the rest
  • Develop an Army of “Personal Walking Ambassadors”
  • Model the one SECRET all superstar salespeople use to get to the top

Click to register while space is available:

Click Here To Register Today


Bob Burg Website

Learn More About Bob

If you would like to learn more about Bob Burg, visit his website at .

Request the first chapter of three of Bob's best selling books and he'll send them to you for free. This way you can get to know Bob before he speaks at the Automotive Marketing Boot Camp.

You can also watch videos of Bob speaking or read his blog which contains valuable insights for anyone who seeks to live a world class life. You can also connect with Bob on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Automotive Professionals Enthusiastically Praise Bob's Message

Endless ReferralsWe are so pleased to have Bob Burg as part of the Boot Camp Experience. Car dealers need fresh ideas on leadership, sales, and most importantly how to connect with consumers.

Car dealers can benefit from innovation in technology but they can also benefit equally as well from new strategies to serve their customers and prospects.

If you are coming to Boot Camp to take your dealership to the next level, Bob Burg's keynote presentation will provide the strategy and case studies to show you how to create Endless Referrals, the Go-Giver way!

Here is what other car dealers have said about Bob's strategy:

“After reading Endless Referrals, never again will any salesperson in your dealership have to depend on ‘ups.’ Instead they can meet people wherever they go and form friendships and relationships that create a steady stream of referrals. Burg has put together a primer for developing, what he calls, personal walking ambassadors. And, it works!”

-Sam S. Edelsbert,  Mercedes-Benz Salesperson

“Thanks for the terrific program at our dealership. I believe the tools you provided for us have the power to transform the earning potential of our team. You presented them with proven principles that empowered them to take control of their own destinies. You didn’t just talk about selling cars. Instead, you gave our team winning approaches for developing and leveraging relationships with people in the local marketplace. This cultivates people wanting to do business with them directly, as well as people who refer others whether or not they themselves are in the market for a car. As you called it, they are developing ‘Personal Walking Ambassadors.’”

What you brought to the battle, Bob, was very hard-hitting, easy-to-apply ‘how-to’ information. You provided exact, simple language for situations, like the one you gave us regarding asking for referrals. So simple, yet no one I’ve seen actually does it. This one principle-based tactic could account for a huge increase in referral business, all by itself.

While not everyone applies the great information our company provides for them through excellent teachers like yourself, I am aware of several who are doing so now and already seeing results. It works that fast! These individuals are not only increasing their own success quotient, they are also becoming the building blocks that we can use to improve our overall corporate performance.

Please consider this my enthusiastic endorsement for any dealership or family of dealerships that want to significantly lower turnover and increase repeat and referral buyers in order to dramatically increase both their sales and the resulting profits as well!

- Mark Barton Former General Sales Manager JM Lexus #1 Lexus Dealer in the World

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